Precarious Balance challenge Crota's End - Destiny 2

How to complete the Precarious Balance challenge in the Bridge encounter in Crota's End.


The second challenge in Crota’s End is Precarious Balance and takes place during the Oversoul Throne Bridge encounter. As far as Destiny 2 raid challenges go, this one is easy to understand but can be tricky to pull off thanks to tight timing.

Precarious Balance

The Precarious Balance challenge requires that no one is standing on a bridge construction plate when someone steps onto the bridge. If someone is on the button, whether it’s close side or far side, when you start running across the bridge, the challenge will fail.

A Warlock prepares to run across the bridge in Crota's End
You cannot stand on the bridge if someone is standing on the activation plate.
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You can, however, stand on the first nub of the bridge, the one that is there to begin with. This will help you cross the bridge in time because if no one is on the button, the bridge will start to deform. For this reason it’s important that you are in position and ready to go the instant someone steps off the plate. You’ll need to sprint and likely double-jump and sword swing across the gap.

There’s not really more to this challenge than timing. Anticipate taking a few goes to get the bridge run perfected, as it could be a bit close depending on your speed. Additionally, the timing will be different given you’re not keeping the bridge up permanently and will need to keep reforming it.

The Precarious Balance challenge in the Bridge encounter is finicky but it’s probably one of the easiest in Crota’s End. Make sure you’re not touching the part of the bridge that forms before someone steps off the plate and you’ll have this done in no time. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more raid challenge tips.

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