All Hands Challenge, Root of Nightmares - Destiny 2

Complete the Nezarec Challenge, All Hands, in Root of Nightmares to earn some Adept loot.


The All Hands Challenge for the Nezarec fight in Root of Nightmares will test your team’s ability to manage all the tasks. Those that have been coasting by clearing adds, now is the time to step up and get familiar with the node sequence and even handling Nezarec’s weak points. Clear this challenge, though, and you’ll get yourself a guaranteed weapon and a Triumph.

All Hands Challenge – Nezarec

The All Hands Nezarec Challenge requires each player to link one Light and one Darkness node each damage phase/network building phase. If a player links more than one of each color in a phase, the challenge will fail. Creating a Light or Darkness refuge does not count. It also appears that the final nodes of a sequence must be activated relatively close together.

The Nezarec encounter in Root of Nightmares
Once you activate a node on one side, go to the other and get ready to activate your next one.
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Probably the easiest way to complete this challenge is to split your team into two groups. Send three players left and three players right. As soon as you activate a node on your side of the room, go to the other side.

It can help to assign each player a number for each side of the room. The first player to activate the node on the right will be the fourth player to activate a node on the left. Similarly, the second player to activate a node on the left will be the fifth player to activate a node on the right.

The difficulty comes in having to manage everything else that’s going on during the encounter. Because you will likely be going slower than ideal, you must be creating refuges. For this reason, assign two players to be the ones that create a refuge. One player will always be responsible for creating the Light refuge and the other must take care of the Darkness refuge.

Typically, a refuge will be created between the third and fourth node activation. On Master difficulty, a Well of Radiance will ensure you don’t get obliterated by Nezarec and other enemies.

Aiming at Nezarec's shoulders while he stands on his plinth during the last encounter
If your dedicated Nezarec shoulder shooter activates a node first, help them crack Nezarec's weak points.
Source: Shacknews

On top of this, you will need to ensure Nezarec’s weak points are broken. If you have one player on your team responsible for this, all the others can focus on clearing enemies. High-damage Sniper Rifles will get the job done quickly. Arbalest works, but it suffers from a longer windup.

The All Hands Challenge for the Nezarec fight is easy to understand but difficult to execute, especially on Master. Just make sure everyone activates one Light and one Darkness node every single phase and you’ll walk away with some neat weapons. Take a look at our Root of Nightmares Adept weapon schedule to see what’s coming up next and our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more raid walkthroughs.

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