To the Top Garden of Salvation raid challenge - Destiny 2

Knock out the To the Top raid challenge in Garden of Salvation in Destiny 2 for an extra reward.


The To the Top challenge asks players to deposit a set amount of motes each time in the third encounter in Garden of Salvation. As far as raid challenges go, To the Top is easy to understand and only slightly bothersome to complete. You’ll need to be fast to get this one done.

To the Top raid challenge

To complete the To the Top challenge, you must deposit 10 motes each time. This means that if you’ve got 9 motes in your pocket, you must go and collect one more and then deposit. If you deposit fewer than 10 motes, the challenge will fail.

destiny 2 to the top raid challenge
As soon as you link and get the Enlightened buff, one player must sprint to the Conflux to defend it.

While the challenge itself is easy to understand, the actual difficulty lies in defending the Conflux. There is simply not enough time to hang around defeating enemies. Have one player sprint to the Conflux immediately after getting the Enlightened buff.

From here, take it in turns collecting motes until someone has all 10 and get them to deposit. They should then defend the Conflux while the other goes off and helps. Once enough motes are deposited, the damage phase will begin.

In terms of team composition, have three players responsible for motes and three in charge of the Voltaic Overflow. The team collecting the Voltaic debuff have the easier job and can basically forget about the challenge. However, they must ensure they don’t collect any motes while crossing through the middle of the arena.

In the event you can’t defeat the Consecrated Mind in one damage rotation, you will need to repeat the first part of the encounter. This should give the mote team enough time to lose the debuff and be able to go back to collecting motes.

Overall, the To the Top raid challenge in Garden of Salvation is fairly easy. The only difficulty will be in the tighter timing of defending the Confluxes. Check out our featured raid schedule for a look at the upcoming raid and its challenges, as well as our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for a wealth of information to assist you.

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