Leftovers & Staying Alive Garden of Salvation raid challenge - Destiny 2

Complete the Leftovers & Staying Alive raid challenge in Garden of Salvation for bonus rewards in Destiny 2.


The Leftovers and Staying Alive challenge requires players restrain their killing potential during the first encounter in Garden of Salvation. In-game, this challenge is called Leftovers under the Triumphs tab and in the tooltip for the raid, but the Triumph refers to it as the Staying Alive challenge. No matter what you call it, this is one of the easiest challenges in the raid.

Leftovers & Staying Alive raid challenge – Garden of Salvation

To complete the Leftovers and Staying Alive raid challenge, you must not destroy the Cyclops that spawn near the Consecrated Mind. The only Cyclops you can defeat are the ones that summon the Angelic and the many that spawn in the final field as you run to the finish line. Basically, if the Consecrated Mind is near you, do not defeat any Cyclops that spawn. If it’s been a while, check out our Garden of Salvation raid guide so you know how to do this encounter.

destiny 2 leftovers staying alive raid challenge
If the boss is near you and there is a Cyclops, do not defeat the Cyclops.

As for completing this encounter while doing the challenge, proceed as you normally would. Split the team into two groups, leaving three as a home team to collect the Voltaic Overflow and sending the other three forwards.

The three that are sent forwards will need to defeat a Cyclops to spawn an Angelic. Once the Angelic is defeated, tether to the door and the Consecrated Mind will move forwards. When the boss reaches the forward team, it will stop and two Cyclops will spawn – do not defeat these. The home team now leapfrogs forward.

Continue this process of collecting Voltaic Overflow and not defeating any Cyclops near the boss and the challenge will complete. If at any point an incorrect Cyclops dies, a message will appear on-screen saying the challenge has failed.

With the Leftovers and Staying Alive raid challenge completed, there are only three challenges left for Garden of Salvation. Check out our featured raid schedule for a look at all the challenges and what’s coming up next. There’s also our Destiny 2 Guide for a whole lot of valuable information.

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