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Under Construction King's Fall raid challenge - Destiny 2

Complete the Under Construction challenge in the Daughters of Oryx fight in King's Fall to earn a second reward chest.


The Under Construction challenge in the King’s Fall raid is more of a memory challenge than a mechanical one. All you need to do is remember what platforms you’ve stood on. If you can manage that, another chest will spawn, offering you another shot at loot in Destiny 2.

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Under Construction challenge – Daughters of Oryx

To complete the Under Construction challenge, players must not stand on the same platform twice in one damage phase. This means if you stand on the L1/bottom left platform to help activate the Ascendant path, you cannot stand on it a second time during the same damage phase – you must get someone else to stand on the platform. Note that this does not apply to the player that is Torn Between Dimensions.

The best way to do this challenge is much the same as completing it normally, just with the added difficulty of remembering where you’ve stood. Assign a player to each platform and have two floaters. If a player has already stood on a platform and theirs gets selected again, have the floater jump up.

Six platforms are used each damage phase. This means a minimum of two platforms will be used twice. Keep communication clear and remember what platform you have stood on. After a damage phase ends, the count resets which means you can get back on a platform you were on when damaging the first Daughter of Oryx.

Image shows the Daughters of Oryx fight in the King's Fall raid
After standing on both platforms on one side, swap with someone on the other side.

In the event you have stood on both platforms on one side of the arena during a damage phase, ask someone on the opposite side to swap with you. This will help avoid situation where you might accidentally jump up out of habit.

The Under Construction challenge during the Daughters of Oryx encounter is incredibly easy. The only challenge is remembering if you’ve been on a platform. If you can handle that mental load, it’s a breeze and you’ll walk away with some bonus gear and be one step closer to unlocking the Kingslayer Title. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more raid challenge walkthroughs.

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