Under Construction King's Fall raid challenge - Destiny 2

Complete the Daughters challenge, Under Construction, in King's Fall to earn a second reward chest.


The Under Construction challenge in the King’s Fall raid is far easier than players first thought. For the Daughters challenge, all you need to do is stay on your platform, and if you fall off, get someone else to get on it. If you can manage that, another chest will spawn, offering you another shot at loot in Destiny 2.

Check out our Oryx chest symbols guide so you can secure another reward after beating the final boss.

Under Construction challenge – Daughters of Oryx

To complete the Under Construction challenge, players must not stand on the same platform twice during one piece of the Blightguard/Brand Claimer path running phase. This means if you stand on the L1 platform to help activate the Ascendant path, you cannot get off and back on the platform before the runner reaches the piece of Blightguard/Brand Claimer.

If you fall off the platform or die while on the platform (causing the path to fade from existence), another player must get up and reactive the path. If you touch the platform during this reactivation, the challenge will fail. This is why some teams may consider the challenge to be "do not let the path fade" but it's slightly more lenient than that. You can let the path fade, just ensure when it reactives, it's two different players constructing it.

The best way to do this challenge is much the same as completing it normally, just with the added difficulty of not getting on the platform again if the path fades from existence. If you, or the person on the other platform, causes the path to fade, a fresh set of players must stand on the platform. Simply stay on the platform and do not die, and then get off the platform when you're told to.

If you're struggling to stay alive (especially on Master), make sure you're using damage resistance mods. Things like Riskrunner can also make a huge difference as can Healing Grenades. Take a look at our King's Fall Master guide for information on changes and additional tips.

Image shows the Daughters of Oryx fight in the King's Fall raid
If you die or fall off your platform, get someone else to jump up to it.

In the event you have stood on both platforms on one side of the arena during a damage phase, ask someone on the opposite side to swap with you. This will help avoid situation where you might accidentally jump up out of habit.

The Daughters of Oryx challenge, Under Construction, is incredibly easy, even easier than what players first thought the challenge was. If you can handle standing on a platform without dying or falling off, you'll smash this out first try and walk away with some bonus gear and be one step closer to unlocking the Kingslayer Title. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more raid challenge walkthroughs.

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