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Every change that is in Destiny 2's Master King's Fall raid, including new Champions and shields.


Master King’s Fall has arrived in Destiny 2 and it’s got a few significant changes made to the enemies when contrasted to the normal version. Players that are preparing to tackle this new difficulty should make note of the Master King’s Fall changes, equip their fireteam correctly, and prepare for quite a challenge.

Before you dive into Master King’s Fall, ensure you know how each encounter works. We’ve got our King’s Fall raid guide to assist you as well as a guide for each encounter’s Challenge in our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide. The following table is a cheat sheet of each encounter so you can see at a glance what to expect. More information is found by clicking an encounter or scrolling down.

King's Fall Master changes cheat sheet
Encounter Champions Shields
Opening/Portal Overload, Unstoppable Arc
Annihilator Totems Unstoppable Solar
Warpriest Barrier, Overload Solar, Void
Golgoroth Barrier Solar, Void
Daughters of Oryx Barrier Arc
Oryx, the Taken King Overload Arc, Void

Master King’s Fall changes

Image shows the Shade of Oryx in the King's Fall raid in Destiny 2

Source: Bungie

The Master King’s Fall is the new difficulty level for the iconic raid. As a rule, a Master raid’s recommended Power level is set at +20 points higher than the season’s Pinnacle level. During Season of Plunder, the Pinnacle level is 1580 meaning the Master King’s Fall is at 1600 Power.

In order to stand a chance at surviving and completing the challenges, players should aim to be at Pinnacle Power and have their Artifact Power level in the teens.

Note that only one Challenge will be available each week. However, all the Challenges will be available at the same time when King’s Fall enters the featured raid rotation.


  • Overload Taken Hobgoblin spawns in the middle whenever a Relic is picked up.
  • Unstoppable Taken Phalanx spawns on the left and right whenever a Relic is picked up.
  • Arc shields on Taken Captains

While the players holding the center can slack off in Normal mode, they will need to be more active in helping the players on the wings secure the relics. The Taken Phalanx and Acolytes that spawn are no joke. Basically, even if it comes at the cost of dying, protect the relic runners.

Add-clear weapons are somewhat important here. Thunderlord will tear through groups, as will Gjallarhorn. Remember you need something to burst down the Blight barriers.

Annihilator Totems

  • Unstoppable Hive Ogres now spawn in side rooms as well as in the middle
  • Solar shields on Hive Wizards

The Annihilator Totems section, specifically the Totems Challenge, will be a massive hurdle for a lot of players. Instead of focusing on getting as many Deathsinger’s Power as possible, the goal is to clear every single enemy as quickly as you can. It’s imperative not to get overrun.

Unstoppable Ogres will be the main stopping point. Wait until they are fully out of the ground before stunning them. Once stunned, Gjallarhorn, Xenophage, or powerful grenades (Fusion, Storm, etc) will make short work of them. Shotguns work well to knock down the Blightguards while any weapon with Incandescent will help clear groups of foes.

Keep the rotations tight. Try to keep both sides working at the same pace. If one side gets quicker, it can throw the other side off, causing delays and potentially deaths. If you notice that Unstoppable Ogres are spawning as both sides are halfway down to the totem, and it's causing problems, try holding for a moment before depositing the Deathsinger's Power.


Image shows the Warpriest from the King's Fall raid

Source: Bungie
  • Barrier Hive Knights replace Revenant Knights (Glyph sequence Hive Knights)
  • Overload Hobgoblins replace Ravenous Taken Knights (Glyph sequence Taken Knights)
  • Solar shields on Blistered Wizards and Servile Knights
  • Void shields on Taken Acolytes

There are a lot of Champions and Boss-style enemies in the Warpriest fight. For this reason, Aeons is an absolute blessing. Have at least two players using Aeons to generate more Heavy ammo than you will know what to do with. The main challenge will be dealing enough damage to the Warpriest – anticipate taking all four phases.

Weapon choice will be whatever is meta within the season. During Season of Plunder, Linear Fusion Rifles remain a great choice. Similarly, Arbalest will help with the Barrier Champions. Whoever is using Divinity can go around stunning one Overload Champion at a time.


  • Barrier Hive Knights replace Knights that stand on the outcroppings
  • Solar shields on Blistered Wizards and Revenant Wizards
  • Void shields on Ravenous Taken Wizards

Not much changes with the Golgoroth fight, just note that the enemies hit far harder. You may need to linger around the entrance and let the enemies come to you. Use Finishers with Aeons on the Barrier Champions for easy Heavy ammo drops.

Daughters of Oryx

  • Barrier Hive Knights replace Hive Knights on platforms
  • Arc shields on Taken Phalanx and Taken Captains

The single Hive Knight that mans the platforms is now a Barrier Knight, which at least means you have a way to get more Heavy ammo. Stun it and jump up to the plate while you defeat it to avoid wasting any time.

Weapons-wise, Gjallarhorn, a bunch of Legendary Rocket Launchers, Divinity, and a Well of Radiance remains the go-to strategy for damage, despite the reclassification of the Daughters. While Linear Fusion Rifles may offer higher DPS, they suffer from ammo and high flinch caused by surrounding enemies. To deal with the groups of enemies, a Forbearance with Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction will help with the Arc shields. Alternatively, Riskrunner will help mitigate a whole lot of the Arc damage. Consider throwing on a Sniper Damage Resistance mod in case those snipers don't go down fast enough.

For the Daughters challenge, try to have every player running Aeons. The reason for this is that whoever gets on the platform will need to finish the Champion themselves seeing as you cannot have a dedicated Aeons player jumping up to the same platform multiple times. 

Oryx, the Taken King

  • Overloads Taken Hobgoblins replace Taken Knights on platforms
  • Arc shield on Light-Eater Knights and Vessel of Oryx
  • Void shields on Taken Acolytes

The addition of Overload Champions to the Oryx fight might actually make it easier in some regards thanks to Aeons. You will now have a guaranteed way to get more Heavy ammo. Keep in mind that if Oryx summons bombs instead of the thunderdome, you’ll need to run as killing these Champions in a timely fashion is unlikely to happen.

The weapons you use to defeat Oryx will be similar, if not exactly the same, as the ones you used to defeat the Warpriest. Remember to scoop up Heavy for the final stand.

Master King’s Fall offers Destiny 2 players a shot at some neat Harrowed weapons and the Kingslayer Title. Before you dive in, ensure your team’s Power is at the optimal level and that you’re familiar with the Master King’s Fall changes. Go in prepared and expect a challenge and you should claim victory. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with endgame content.

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