King's Fall Triumphs for Kingslayer Title - Destiny 2

Every Triumph you need to do in King's Fall for the Kingslayer Title and how to easily complete each one.


The Kingslayer Title is one of the coolest cosmetics in Destiny 2. Players who manage to complete all of the King’s Fall Triumphs will be able to slap this on their Guardian and strut around the Moon, striking fear into the hearts of all Hive. As for how to unlock this Title, the various Triumphs and challenges can prove to be rather difficult. Here are our tips for completing each one.

King’s Fall Triumphs – Kingslayer Title

There are 21 Triumphs in King’s Fall that must be completed to unlock the Kingslayer Title and Seal. While this might seem like a lot, a significant portion of these can be knocked out in a single run, provided you plan ahead. Click the Triumph name to jump down to a larger explanation of how to easily complete it.

King's Fall Triumphs & Kingslayer Title
Triumph Description
King's Fall Trophies from the King's Fall raid
King's Fall Complete any version of the King's Fall raid
King's Ransom Loot all hidden chests in the King's Fall raid
Court of Jesters Complete all encounters in King's Fall with a full fireteam of clanmates
Spark of Defiance Complete all encounters in the King's Fall raid with a full fireteam of Arc subclasses
Sunburst Complete all encounters in the King's Fall raid with a full fireteam of Solar subclasses
The Abyssal Society Complete all encounters in the King's Fall raid with a full fireteam of Void subclasses
Hive Mind Complete all encoutners in King's Fall with a full fireteam of the same class.
Controlled Dunks Complete the Hall of Souls encounter while never letting the same player deposit relics until everyone else has.
The Grass Is Always Greener Complete The Grass Is Always Greener challenge mode.
Overzealous Complete the Basilica encounter while never stealing a Brand from a player standing near a Totem.
Devious Thievery Complete the Devious Thievery challenge mode.
Brand Buster Complete the Warpriest encoutner while never letting the same player obtain the Brand until everyone else has.
Gaze Amaze Complete the Gaze Amaze challenge mode.
Taking Turns Complete the Golgoroth encounter while never letting the same player taunt Golgoroth until everyone else has.
Under Construction Complete the Under Construction challenge mode.
The Floor Is Lava Complete the Daughters encoutner while never letting a Torn Between Dimensions player touch the ground.
Hands Off Complete the Hands Off challenge mode.
Overwhelming Power Complete the Oryx encounter by detonating enough bombs to trigger the last stand in the same round.
One True King Complete the Master tier of King's Fall
King of Kings Complete all encounter challenges in the Master tier of King's Fall.

King’s Fall – Trophies from the King’s Fall raid

This Triumph refers to Trophies from the raid. This is actually pointing to the Badges section found on the Collections page. You must find all items for one Guardian class to unlock the badge, which unlocks the Trophy. Thankfully, you don’t need to get Touch of Malice to unlock this, which means you don’t have to rely on luck (outside of the weapons and armor drops).

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King’s Fall – Complete the raid

Though this has the exact same name, this Triumph is easier than the other one. Complete the raid once to unlock it – any mode will do. Check out our King’s Fall raid guide for help with each encounter.

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King’s Random – Loot hidden chests

There are three hidden chests in King’s Fall: after the Hive ship jumping puzzle, in Golgoroth’s maze, and at the piston wall jumping puzzle.

Hive ship secret chest: After clearing the jumping puzzle, one ship will take players to the other side, passing through a barrier. Standing on the two plates opens a door through a hole in the wall to the left. Jump from the ship before the barrier, to the beam on the left, and go through the door to find a chest. Two players will need to stand on the plates on this new side to let the last two players get the chest.

Golgoroth maze secret chest: The Golgoroth secret chest is in the maze after Warpriest. To access it, players must stand on hidden plates in the correct order and remain standing on them until the last plate is activated. If done correctly, you’ll see an on-screen message and then the two doors in the middle will open, granting access to the chest. Check out the map below by Taux and Yet_Another_Horse so you know where to go.

Image shows a map of Golgoroth's maze to unlock the secret chest in King's Fall

Source: Taux & Yet_Another_Horse

Piston wall secret chest: This secret chest is in the jumping puzzle after Golgoroth and before Daughters. To find it, go to the first activation plate and instead of crossing the path, jump to the beam that goes up to the top – there are small platforms attached to it you can land on. Pull out your Ghost to reveal a hidden path. Go up the path, jump back on to higher platforms on the beam, and then jump over to the wall. One final hidden path will take you up to a hole in the wall.

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Court of Jesters

Ensure that everyone in your Fireteam is in the same clan and this one will activate. There are plenty of clans out there that you could join in order to get this one done.

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Spark of Defiance

Everyone in your Fireteam must be using an Arc subclass. Warlocks must use Stormcaller, Hunters must use Arcstrider, and so on. You don’t even need to use a specific Super. This is probably the most difficult out of the three element Triumphs as there is no clear damage buff or boss debuff ability. You may need to rely on a Warlock’s Healing or Empowered Rift to deal enough damage, as well as Divinity.

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Like the previous one, everyone in your Fireteam must be using a Solar subclass. This one is super easy to complete, in fact, you might want to do this while also knocking out Hive Mind.

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The Abyssal Society

The last of the elemental Triumphs requires all Void subclasses. Make sure everyone is on Void for each encounter.

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Hive Mind

Hive Mind requires every member of the Fireteam to be the same class. You either need to be all Hunters, all Titans, or all Warlocks. This will require players that have access to multiple characters at a decent level.

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Controlled Dunks

For Controlled Dunks, you must complete the Hall of Souls encounter (opening the portal) while never letting the same player deposit relics until everyone else has. The first two relics count towards this challenge.

What this means is you effectively run the encounter as you would the Annihilator Totems. If you were defending the player that grabbed the relic, you are the next person in-line to pick up the relic. Anyone that grabbed the relic and dunked is now in the center clearing enemies and helping with doors. If you were in the middle, you’re now helping the relic runner by clearing enemies.

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The Grass Is Always Greener

Image shows Guardians on a Hive ship in King's Fall

Source: Bungie

You can read our Grass is Always Greener challenge guide for an in-depth explanation of this Triumph. However, the short of it is that you cannot collect the same buff two times in a row. You will need to swap sides every time you return to the center to deposit Deathsinger’s Power.

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The Overzealous Triumph requires players to swap the Brands away from the Annihilator Totems. To do this, have whoever is currently acquiring Deathsinger’s Power to meet the Brand Claimer player half-way through the poison. You’ll need the Aura effect to be nowhere near the totems. The first rotation of this will be pretty tight, but as you continue, the Brand Claimer can likely just wait near where the Brand first spawns. If you are on a plate, make sure you leave enough time to get to your mate because they won’t be coming to you.

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Devious Thievery

Image shows the Warpriest from King's Fall

Source: Bungie

Read out Devious Thievery guide for a big breakdown of how to complete this challenge. For those that just want the Spark Notes, you cannot hold the Brand Claimer buff for more than five seconds. As soon as you pick it up off a Knight, you have five seconds to reach your teammate and take the Brand. To make this easier, during a damage phase, move as a group to where the Knights spawn.

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Brand Buster

The Brand Buster Triumph for the Warpriest encounter is much the same as the Controlled Dunks Triumph. You cannot collect the Brand a second time until everyone else has used it once – this means the Brand you get from standing on the plates not the Brand Claimer.

The best way to do this is to split your team into two groups. One group will use the plates and kill knights during the first damage phase and the second group will stand on the plates and kill knights in the second damage phase. If you need a third damage phase, group one should go again.

Player A will stand on the first plate, Player B will stand on the next plate, and Player C will stand on the final plate, receiving the buff. Player A and Player B will be responsible for killing the two Blightguard knights. The timing for when they go to kill the knights will be up to you and your fireteam. When the damage phase ends, the next team will be responsible for standing on the plates and killing the knights.

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Gaze Amaze

Image shows Golgoroth from King's Fall

Source: Bungie

Read our Gaze Amaze guide for a thorough walkthrough. However, here is the elevator pitch: If you’ve got Golgoroth’s Gaze, you must be in a Pool of Reclaimed Light when you lose it. This does not apply to the person who has the Gaze last in a damage phase or if you die while holding it. You can safely stand on the perimeter as you normally would, just make sure you jump down and into the Pool in time.

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Taking Turns

Destiny 1 players will remember the Taking Turns Triumph. This requires players to cycle the responsibility of taking Golgoroth’s Gaze. You cannot hold it a second time until everyone else has held it.

To do this Triumph, either assign everyone a number or go down the names in Discord (assuming you’re using the communication program). Unless you’re the one holding Golgoroth’s Gaze, you can be in the Pool dealing damage. When you hear the count getting low, jump up and out to grab the Gaze from the other person. In the event the timing is getting too difficult, just have the next Gaze grabber jump up sooner.

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Under Construction

Image shows the Daughters of Oryx from King's Fall

Source: Bungie

Check out our Under Construction guide for a detailed explanation. The essence of the challenge is that if the Ascendant path fades from existence, the same players cannot reactivate the platforms. If you stand on L1 and for some reason you or the other player falls off and the path fades, two different players will need to activate the path again. This limitation refreshes whenever a new player is Torn Between Dimensions and does not apply to said player. 

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The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava might be the most enjoyable Triumph in the King’s Fall raid. For this Triumph, the player who is Torn Between Dimensions cannot touch the ground. Because the player is randomly selected, the best way to complete this is to have no one touch the ground. Platform holders should stand on the wings while the floaters can sit up on the ledges in the middle.

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Hands Off

Image shows Oryx from the King's Fall raid reaching out with his hand to summon the dome

Source: Bungie

Our Hands Off challenge guide has a detailed walkthrough to help you complete it easily. To complete this challenge, you cannot kill the same Light-Eater Ogre or Light-Eater Knight more than once. If you defeat the L1 Ogre and its Knight partner, you must get someone else to defeat them each time they spawn thereafter.

The best way to complete this Triumph is to use a swapping system. After you’ve used one platform, you should swap with someone else on another platform. Remember that the two Ogres during the final stand also count towards the challenge.

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Overwhelming Power

The Overwhelming Power Triumph is awfully close to the original Oryx challenge from Destiny 1. Players must detonate enough Corrupted Light bombs to give them a large enough damage phase to take Oryx from full health down to the final stand threshold. For most groups, this will require at least 10 Corrupted Lights being detonated at once.

To have 10 Corrupted Lights on the ground requires some planning. During each damage phase, instead of exploding all bombs at once, have one player detonate one bomb – this will stun Oryx, preventing the wipe mechanic. This will need to be done twice. Make sure no one shoots Oryx during this time.

Once the second bomb has been detonated, there will be six Corrupted Lights on the ground. You will now need to do one more round of defeating Ogres. This will bring the bombs on the ground to 10. Keep in mind that if a Light-Eater Knight or the Vessel of Oryx touches a stack, they will all disappear. For this reason, it's important the Ogres die where they spawn, having them walk away increases the chances of failing.

Every Corrupted Light that detonates adds a few seconds of stun duration to Oryx during the damage phase. This has diminishing returns. Once all the 10 bombs detonate, all players should deal damage to Oryx, ensuring his health drops down to the final stand threshold. Fail to do this and the Triumph will not unlock.

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One True King

Simple to understand, difficult to perform. Just clear the King’s Fall raid on Master difficult to get this Triumph unlocked. Depending on when you play, you can either attempt it each week or must wait until it rotates back in as the active raid on the weekly raid rotation. Read over our Master King's Fall changes guide for insight into the Champions present, shield types, and strategies for clearing it.

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King of Kings

This one is even more difficult. Not only must you complete the raid on Master, but you must also do all five of the main challenges. The more Power you have, the easier this will become. Make sure your team has a solid grasp on the mechanics and challenges before attempting it on Master.

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Some of these King’s Fall Triumphs will take more work and effort to unlock than others, but when it’s done, you’ll have the fancy Kingslayer Title and Seal. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more endgame walkthroughs.

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