Gaze Amaze King's Fall raid challenge - Destiny 2

Complete the Gaze Amaze challenge in the Golgoroth fight in King's Fall for extra rewards in Destiny 2.


The Gaze Amaze challenge in the King’s Fall raid in Destiny 2 is all about positioning during the Golgoroth fight. Players will need to enter a Pool of Reclaimed Light before someone else takes the Gaze. Thankfully, this is probably one of the easiest challenges to complete, so definitely do it if you’ve got the coordination and team.

Remember to get the Oryx chest symbols so you can get an extra Deepsight Resonance raid weapon from Oryx.

Gaze Amaze challenge – Golgoroth

To complete the Gaze Amaze challenge, Golgoroth’s Gaze can only be taken when the Gaze holder is in the Pool of Reclaimed Light. This means that if you’ve got Golgoroth’s Gaze, you must drop down into the arena and be inside the Pool of Reclaimed Light before your partner takes Golgoroth’s Gaze from you. Check out this video of my Day One clear of the Golgoroth challenge for a look at how to do it.

You do not need to be in a Pool of Reclaimed Light when you are the last person holding Golgoroth’s Gaze in the six-orb rotation. This occurs when your team is on the final orb or has missed an orb. Simply let the timer expire and you will go to the next phase. The key is that whenever the Gaze is taken by a player, the person who loses it must be in a pool. Losing the Gaze through death or the damage phase ending does not affect the challenge.

Image shows player standing in the Pool of Reclaimed Light while holding Golgoroth's Gaze debuff in Destiny 2
Check the buffs on your screen to make sure you are actually inside the Pool of Reclaimed Light while you have Golgoroth's Gaze.

This challenge is easy to understand and easy to perform. The only difference to completing the encounter normally is that instead of being up on the ledge you will drop down into the arena. In fact, it could be easier than doing it normally as other players may accidentally help you shoot Golgoroth’s darts or you’ll find yourself in a Well of Radiance taking less damage. Just remember that you might receive Unstable Light – so look out for that debuff and stand beside Golgoroth when it explodes for more damage.

After completing the Gaze Amaze challenge in the King’s Fall raid, you’ll earn yourself an additional chest once Golgoroth is defeated. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more raid guides and challenge tips.

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