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The Crota challenge, All for One, has players re-enacting the Three Musketeers.


The last challenge in Crota’s End is All for One and takes place during the Crota fight. Again, this Crota challenge is easy to understand, slightly squirrely to setup, but ultimately easy to pull off. If you can hold a sword and stay alive, you can knock this challenge out and complete another Triumph.

All for One – Crota challenge

The All for One Crota challenge requires that Crota’s shield must be broken within 3 seconds of hitting him with a sword, causing him to kneel and thus starting the damage phase. To do this effectively, you will need to have multiple players with swords, hitting him all at once. For most teams, this will mean you need three swords to make Crota kneel instantly, but you can do it with just two swords and Tractor Cannon.

A player attacks Crota with a sword in Crota's End
Crota's shield must be removed before your sword disappears from your hands.
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How this will look in practice is that you get the Enlightened buff, defeat the Swordbearer, grab the sword, and then help defeat enemies with the sword. Meanwhile, another Enlightened player grabs another sword and helps clear enemies. Finally, the third Enlightened player gets another sword and you all group up. The three sword players run in, attack Crota at the same time, and bust his shield down extremely quickly.

If you’ve done it correctly, the instant you hit Crota for the first time, all three players will have applied their damage, and his shield will be almost gone. Keep swinging until it is removed and he kneels. This should happen within a few seconds of hitting Crota. Another way to think of it is this: if your sword disappears and Crota still has his shield, the challenge has failed.

When it comes to completing this challenge on Master, you will likely want to have three swords and someone with Tractor Cannon. This will give you plenty of buffer in case someone whiffs an attack. Additionally, only one sword Super can be applied to Crota at once so players should do alternative inputs to avoid missing out on damage (Heavy, Super, Heavy, Heavy and Heavy, Heavy, Super, Heavy).

Completing the All for One Crota challenge is easy, provided you’re quick and can knock down Crota’s shield in one go. The main difficulty will be trying to help your allies clear enemies while using a sword and not dying. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for information on every raid challenge in the game.

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