Equal Vessels challenge Crota's End - Destiny 2

How to complete the Equal Vessels challenge in the Ir Yut fight in Crota's End.


The third challenge in Crota’s End is Equal Vessels for the Ir Yut, Deathsinger fight. As with a few of the other raid challenges in Destiny 2, this is easy to understand and potentially even easy to pull off, provided you can remember to keep the challenge going during or after the DPS phase.

Equal Vessels

The Equal Vessels challenge requires that you must not hold the Chalice of Light again until everyone else has held it at least once. This means you must ensure every single other player in the fireteam has held the chalice before you grab it again, even if they are off defeating Wizards.

To complete this challenge, simply grab the Chalice of Light and ensure the first three players get Enlightened. Meanwhile, the fourth and fifth players will get Enlightened to Expunge while the sixth deposits the Chalice.

A player is able to take the Chalice of Light from another during the Ir Yut encounter
Remember who you take the Chalice of Light from and you can get this challenge done with minimal fuss.
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This is where a key tip can help, especially players who are attempting Equal Vessels on Master Ir Yut. Have the Wizard players stay in the towers for a while before killing the Wizards to ensure that the Drained of Light buff starts counting down. If timed correctly, the first player to pick up the Chalice of Light can grab it partway through the damage phase to get the Enlightened buff charging again. 

For the second damage phase, simply have four players Enlightened to deal with Wizards while the fifth and sixth players swap and deposit the chalice. During the second damage phase, always have the first player grab the Chalice of Light again, just in case you don't two-phase Ir Yut.

To cut down on complications, just remember who you are taking the Chalice of Light from. If that person has the chalice, get into a position where you can take it quickly so that there’s no delay.

The Equal Vessels challenge in the Ir Yut fight in Destiny 2 is likely going to be more tedious than it is hard. Probably the toughest task will be Feather-Light, and it’s not even a Crota’s End challenge! Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with other endgame activities, schedules and rotations, and more!

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