Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge, Root of Nightmares - Destiny 2

How to complete Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge in the Macrocosm or Zo'Aurc, Explicator of Planets encounter in the Root of Nightmares raid.


The Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge in the Macrocosm encounter (Explicator of Planets) requires Destiny 2 players to spend a bit more time shifting planets. Like the other Root of Nightmare challenges, this one is easy to understand and reasonably easy to pull off.

Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge – Explicator of Planets / Macrocosm

To complete the Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge in the Explicator of Planets section, all Darkness planets must be on the left and all Light planets on the right. Normally, you would take the odd one out planet to the other side of the room. For the challenge, the odd one out stays where it is and the two planets that match will need to be shifted.

Two dark planets on the right side of the room in the Explicator of Planets encounter
These two Darkness planets that are on the right side of the room must both be shifted to the left side.
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The restrictions of this challenge means you will need to run two Planetary Shift phases, as each triangle platform has two planets that must be shifted. As an example: the lower right platform will have one light and two dark. Take one dark planet from there to the left side and go back. Get another Planetary Shift and then take the final dark planet from right to left.

This process must be completed for every single phase until the boss is defeated. Keep in mind that you only have a few phases to shift the planets before the wipe mechanic initiates. Try and get the planets shifted in two phases as opposed to three.

With the Cosmic Equilibrium Challenge completed, you will be one step closer to acquiring the Dream Warrior Title. You’ll also get another chest full of loot for your troubles. Check out our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more raid challenge walkthroughs.

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