A Link to the Chain Garden of Salvation raid challenge - Destiny 2

Learn how to easily complete the Link to the Chain raid challenge in Garden of Salvation in Destiny 2.


The Link to the Chain challenge asks players to perform the same action, at the same time, in the second encounter in Garden of Salvation. This encounter is the fight to summon the Consecrated Mind, as players run around the perimeter defending towers.

A Link to the Chain raid challenge

To complete the Link to the Chain challenge, all players must gain the Enlightened buff at the same time, every time. What this means is that whenever you and ally that is defending a point needs to refresh the buff, everyone else has to refresh their buff too. This must happen at the same time, if someone does not refresh their buff, the challenge will fail.

destiny 2 a link to the chain raid challenge
All players must get the Enlightened buff at the same time to complete the challenge.

As for completing the encounter, the best setup is to have two players at the starting position and two players at the other side of the arena. These leaves one player defending the left most tower and one player defending the right. When you need to refresh the buff, the solo players should jump through the portals and grab the buff as a team of three and then go back to their corners. It’s best to refresh Enlightened whenever there is a slight break in enemy forces.

The start of the encounter may cause the most problems. Send two players left and two players right, leaving two at home base. When the two players reach the corners, defeat the enemies and get the Enlightenment buff. Now, one player from each corner should run to the last remaining tower.

Whenever the Angelics spawn, the players holding the corners by themselves should call out for help and the others should jump through their teleporters to assist. Other than that, the solo players will be hopping back and forth to defend and grab the buff.

The Link to the Chain raid challenge in Garden of Salvation may cause a momentary problem for some raiders, especially those who haven’t ventured into this activity in a while. However, if a player can manage holding a corner by themselves and jump through the portal when needed, it should be easy to complete. Check out our featured raid schedule for upcoming challenges and our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more helpful tips.

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