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Which Witch Destiny 2 Last Wish raid challenge

Learn how to complete the Shuro Chi challenge, Which Witch, in the Last Wish raid.


The Last Wish raid is one of the most challenging experiences Destiny 2 has to offer and it can become even more difficult thanks to the Which Witch challenge. Players looking to earn some more Powerful gear should purchase the Which Witch challenge from Hawthorne and take the fight to Shuro Chi. This is also listed as the Coliseum Champion Triumph under the Last Wish tab.

Which Witch challenge

The Which Witch challenge in the Last Wish raid (also called the Coliseum Champion) is simple to understand but difficult to execute. In order to complete the challenge, players must not get hit by Shuro Chi. One of Shuro Chi’s attacks is a long-range snipe that is extremely difficult to dodge – if you’re standing still. As soon as you get hit, you will receive a notification that the Which Witch challenge has been failed.

Make sure you know how to complete the Shuro Chi fight before attempting the Which Witch challenge.

To complete the Which Witch challenge, do not get hit by Shuro Chi's projectile, circled above.

To actually complete the Which Witch challenge, ensure that all players are moving at all times or if they have to stand still, that they do so with an object between them and Shuro Chi. The difficulty is obviously needing to be in Shuro Chi’s line of sight six times over the course of the fight.

When the time comes to pick up the Prism Weapons, it will be mostly down to luck as to whether you get hit, as you’ll need to basically run straight at her. In saying this, it appears as if she slows her attacks (or completely stops) when the pace quickens before using the prisms to knock away her shield.

Be careful when attempting to reach the Prism Weapons, as you will be in close proximity to Shuro Chi and the projectile travels really fast.
Be careful when attempting to reach the Prism Weapons, as you will be in close proximity to Shuro Chi and the projectile travels really fast.

Shuro Chi typically telegraphs her attacks well in advance, she does this by screaming. Whenever she screams or shrieks quickly assess your movement and protection. As always, keep communication clear and continual. Let your teammates know if she screams, and ensure everyone is either moving or well protected.

Completing the Which Witch challenge (Coliseum Champion) in the Last Wish raid is fairly straight forward, though difficult over the entire duration of the fight. Though there is no guarantee way to ensure success, keep moving to avoid getting hit by her projectile attacks and if you absolutely have to stop or slow down, stay behind cover.

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