No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle - Destiny 2

Unlock the No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 and start using its unique perks to decimate your foes.


No Time to Explain has made its way back into the game with Destiny 2: Beyond Light. This Exotic Pulse Rifle, once wielded by The Stranger and gifted to players, is once again up for grabs. Those that want to unlock No Time to Explain and learn how it works will certainly be looking for the shortest path between not having it and having it.

How to get No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle

unlock No time to Explain Destiny 2
Beat the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign to unlock No Time to Explain.

Unlike other Exotic weapons that are unlocked as part of the season pass, No Time to Explain is actually locked behind a lengthy quest: the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign. Once the campaign is finished, players will once again be gifted No Time to Explain by The Stranger.

  1. Finish Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign
  2. Find and speak with The Stranger on Europa

Completing these steps will get you the No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle. It does have some different perks and abilities that make it different to its Legendary and Exotic versions from Destiny 1. Expect more info once we get our hands on it and try out. What we do know is that this Exotic Pulse Rifle is one of several new Exotics added with Beyond Light.

No Time to Explain perks

no time to explain perks destiny 2
The Time-Slip perk works in conjunction with Rewind Again. After the portal opens, its duration is extended with precision hits.

No Time to Explain still retains a few of the features that made it popular in Destiny 1. The most obvious consistency in its design is its magazine-filling effect where precision hits against enemies return rounds to the mag.

The weapon does feature a new perk, though. This one opens a little portal from “an alternate timeline” and spits out bullets, giving you more damage output. It also stacks with the Stormcaller Arc Soul, turning Warlocks into a walking army.

  • Rewind Again: Precision shots and shots against combatants slowed or frozen by Stasis will return to the magazine.
  • Time-Slip: At 10 stacks of Rewind Again, a small portal will open, shooting bulets from an alternate timeline version of this weapon. Precision hits extend the portal's duration.

You don't need to worry about manually activating Time-Slip, just keep getting those precision shots. This may work out to be quite a useful tool against bosses, specifically those with a nice big crit-spot.

While No Time to Explain might not be a brand new Exotic weapon, it still offers a new experience in Destiny 2. Unlocking it is rather easy, as it only requires finishing the Destiny 2: Beyond Light campaign and then speaking with the Stranger. Take a moment to pursue the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more Exotic weapon coverage and answers to your every question.

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