Wanted: Ghaul Devotee - Destiny 2

Discover where you can find the Ghaul Devotee in Destiny 2 for one of Spider's Wanted bounties.


Ghaul Devotee is one of the more difficult Wanted targets to track down in Destiny 2. This roaming Cabal unit slinks around Io, although he can be a bit elusive. When you do eventually find Ghaul Devotee, he will die pretty quickly.

Wanted: Ghaul Devotee – Io, Lost Oasis

The Ghaul Devotee is one of the numerous High-Value Targets in Destiny 2. Given that this Spider target is a HVT means it is a random spawn, making it extremely luck-based to track down. However, you can begin your search on Io in the Lost Oasis.

ghaul devotee wanted bounty destiny 2

Unlike the other Wanted targets that reside in Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors, these High-Value Targets are the most bothersome to track down. Personally, I’d recommend players not pick up these specific Spider bounties, unless they desperately require XP, Enhancement Cores, or are otherwise trying to hunt and kill all of Spider’s Wanted bounties.

ghaul devotee destiny 2

So that you’re not just standing around doing nothing while waiting for Ghaul Devotee to spawn, consider picking up some bounties from Asher and do some patrols. By doing this, you’ll be earning some XP while you wait.

When you do manage to find and kill the Ghaul Devotee, head back to the Tangled Shore and farm some more Ghost Fragments. These are a required resource in purchasing more of the Wanted bounties, and thankfully they’re easy enough to collect.

Because the Ghaul Devotee is a randomly-spawning enemy, you could end up spending a lot of time simply waiting for it to appear. This makes it one of the more frustrating Wanted bounties to hunt and kill, hence why it’s recommended you just avoid doing this one. Make sure you spend some time looking over the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more enemy location tips.

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