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Learn how to attune your weapon drops via the Hall of Champions and improve your chances at bagging Brave god rolls in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2’s Into the Light update has introduced 12 reprised weapons from the game’s past and Bungie has given Guardians a helping hand in obtaining their favored god rolls by adding a new system called Attunement. This new game mechanic allows Guardians to massively increase the drop chance of the Brave Arsenal weapon they want.

How does Attunement work?

The player stands at a Holo-Shaxx and is able to enable Attunement
Once you complete a weapon's quest, you can attune it at the Holo-Shaxx that is holding said weapon.
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Attunement increases the drop chance of the selected weapon by 50 percent. This lets Guardians focus on acquiring a specific weapon in the Brave Arsenal as opposed to relying entirely on luck. This massive buff affects all drops of the Brave Arsenal so if you are completing waves of Onslaught or just opening engrams at Lord Shaxx, Attunement will apply to all sources when it comes to chasing these weapons.

How to unlock weapon Attunement

Attunement is available by completing the associated weapon quest from Arcite 99-40 in the Hall of Champions, a social space found via the Into the Light node in the Director. Players may be beckoned here by a quest upon launching Destiny 2. In the hall, Lord Shaxx and his robot companion Arcite 99-40 act as the vendors of this area and are found at the far end of the room.

Arcite's weapon quests
Completing a weapon quest will allow you to attune it, increasing the chance of you acquiring it.
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During the completion of Lord Shaxx’s quest, Feats of Bravery, players will be able to chat with Arcite 99-40 and pick up the Elsie’s Rifle quest, Stranger Danger. This is one of the several quests that are guaranteed to reward a shiny version of the Brave Arsenal weapons.

Once Elsie’s Rifle is collected from the Stranger Danger quest, Arcite’s inventory will become available, revealing the other weapon quests. You must complete each weapon's corresponding quest to use Attunement for that specific weapon.

Each weapon quest has a choice of objectives from rapidly defeating combatants to getting kills in certain game modes. The first objective on each weapon quest states that bonus progress is granted in Onslaught which is a very effective way to complete them. 

Once the quest is complete, return to the Hall of Champions where the quest will direct you to the chosen weapon’s Holo-Shaxx terminal. Confirm the completion at the terminal for it to be permanently unlocked. As a bonus, Lord Shaxx will reward you with a curated version of your selected weapon once the above steps are complete.

Guardians can turn Attunement for a weapon on and off at will, there is no currency or cooldown required when switching between weapons. Just visit the correct Holo-Shaxx terminal and turn on the Attunement you desire for your next runs.

What weapons are included

Starting from April 9th, only six of the twelve weapons will be available for Attunement and these are the following:

Every week until April 30th Bungie will release two more weapons in the Brave Arsenal giving plenty of time for Guardians to use Attunement to chase their favorite weapons. The release schedule is as follows:

  • April 16: Midnight Coup and The Mountaintop
  • April 23: Forbearance and Hammerhead
  • April 30: Blast Furnace and Luna’s Howl

The staggered release will help space out that instant need to collect them all and keep Guardians excited for each new week to roll around.

The best method to take advantage of Attunement

The Onslaught screen showing the Legend difficulty

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The best way to take advantage of Attunement is in the new game mode Onslaught, focusing on the 50-wave version. If you are willing to take on the challenge, Legend Onslaught can also be used. The downside to Legend is that you require a Fireteam as it is not matchmade like the regular version.

This is because there are five sets of 10 waves, with reward chests appearing after every successful set. Legend Onslaught holds an additional chest after each successful 10 waves. Choose your desired Attunement in the Hall of Champions, launch Onslaught, and upon successful runs there is the potential to leave with your inventory overflowing with stacks of your chosen weapon.

That is all the information on weapon Attunement and it is a fantastic way to focus on grabbing gear Guardians require to beef up their loadout. For more Destiny 2: Into The Light guides and how to best spend time farming in this new update, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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