Elsie's Rifle god roll - Destiny 2

This iconic Destiny weapon takes Void builds to the next level with these PvE and PvP god rolls.


The Stranger’s Rifle gets a new name and new coat of paint as part of the reprised BRAVE Arsenal weapon set. The iconic weapon handed to Guardians in Destiny and then again as an Exotic in Destiny 2 gets the best glow-up with powerful new perks. Elsie’s Rifle may not have received as much fanfare as other BRAVE weapons but it competes with the powerful group with these PvE and PvP god rolls.

How to get Elsie’s Rifle

Elsie’s Rifle is a possible reward from chests granted upon a successful run of the new game mode, Onslaught. If you take on the Legend version of Onslaught, Guardians will be rewarded with chests after clearing every 10 waves up to wave 50. Legend is the best way of increasing the chances of grabbing that god roll.

Guardians can also redeem the new currency, Trophies of Bravery, in the Hall of Champions at the reward chest next to Lord Shaxx.

To ensure you get the best chance at grabbing an Elsie’s Rifle, visit the Elsie’s Rifle Attunement terminal in the Hall of Champions. Selecting Elsie’s Rifle to attune will increase the drop chance by 50 percent.

PvE - Elsie’s Rifle god roll

It’s the first time Guardians have had this weapon drop with random rolls, allowing them to play with builds and perk combos. Coming in with the Void element, Elsie’s Rifle does not disappoint when piecing together a powerful Pulse Rifle.

Elsie's Rifle god roll  - PvE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil Direction +27, Handling +10)
Magazine Appended Mag (Magazine +6)
Perk 1 Repulsor Brace (Kills against Void debuffed enemies grant a 45 HP Void overshield for eight seconds)
Perk 2 Destabilizing Rounds (Weapon kills apply Volatile to other enemies in a 6.5 meter radius around the target)
Origin Trait Indomitability (Final blows grant grenade energy when playing with a Light subclass or melee energy when playing a Darkness subclass)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Major Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

Start this off with Arrowhead Brake, this helps control the wide Recoil Direction to a perfect 100 and the Handling boost will help give Elsie’s Rifle a light feel when cycling through gear. Then throw on Appended Mag to add a meaty two extra bursts to the Magazine.

Elsie's Rifle god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds are as close to perfect as any Void weapon can get with its perks and Elsie’s Rifle with its hard-hitting blasts will take full advantage of this god roll. Kills with Destabilizing Rounds cause surrounding enemies to turn Volatile and you will get an overshield for every debuffed enemy killed thanks to Repulsor Brace. These perks are top-tier when paired with any Guardian Void build and this setup will be highly effective in any tier of content Elsie’s Rifle walks into.

Guardians who want to look at Elsie’s Rifle outside of a Void setup, Feeding Frenzy and Kill Clip is an excellent alternative. As it hits hard, Feeding Frenzy will have no problem getting rolling and the 25 percent damage boost to Kill Clip will be easy to come by.

PvP - Elsie’s Rifle god roll

Like The Messenger from Trials of Osiris, Elsie’s Rifle gets all the right perks to compete in the Crucible with a god roll perfect for lovers of hard-hitting Pulse Rifles.

Elsie's Rifle god roll  - PvP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil Direction +27, Handling +10)
Magazine Ricochet Rounds (Stability +10, Range +5)
Perk 1 Zen Moment (Causing damage with this weapon reduces Recoil and flinch over time. Stacks up to five)
Perk 2 Headseeker (After dealing non-precision weapon damage: increases the precision multiplier by 0.11 and Aim Assist +10. Buff lasts 0.55 seconds. Dealing additional non-precision damage refreshes the timer)
Origin Trait Indomitability (Final blows grant grenade energy when playing with a Light subclass or melee energy when playing a Darkness subclass)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Targeting Adjuster (+5 Aim Assist)

Pick this up with Arrowhead Brake, ensuring perfect Recoil Direction makes every burst land easily. Add Ricochet Rounds for a sticky feel when targeting Guardians at range and the added Stability will ensure any escape will be difficult for opponents once the sights are locked on.

Elsie's Rifle god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

Ensure Zen Moment is high on the list for the first perk slot. With each shot granting Stability and added Flinch resistance, this perk gives Elsie’s Rifle a major advantage when dueling enemy Guardians. This will be the difference maker in many battles across the PvP arena. Top this off with Headseeker, with each burst kicking up slightly Headseeker grants bonus damage to the subsequent precision hits. This makes Elsie’s Rifle a lethal prospect across PvP with each blast taking huge chunks of health from foes with the potential for the next burst to be stronger than the last.

A worthy mention similar to the PvE god roll has to go to Feeding Frenzy paired with Desperado for PvP. This is perfect for Guardians who like to run and gun with the Desperado bursts rewarding an accurate hand by melting any Guardian who steps in its way.

Elsie’s Rifle finally takes the time to explain why it was handed down to our Guardian back in Destiny and these god rolls will do all the talking. For more Destiny 2: Into The Light guides and god roll breakdowns of every weapon in the BRAVE Arsenal, dive into the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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