Night Terror god roll - Destiny 2

Use the Sword that Eris used in Season of the Witch to slash through your foes in PVE and Crucible.


Night Terror has been kicking around in Destiny 2 since Shadowkeep, but it’s gained some popularity following Season of the Witch. One of the final cutscenes showed Eris Morn wielding the sword while facing down Savathun in the culmination of the events of the season. For those that want to use this Arc Sword, we’ve got a god roll for Night Terror so you know what to aim for.

How to get Night Terror

There are two versions of Night Terror: the sunset one that can be acquired from the Lectern of Enchantment on the Moon by completing the quest, Essence of Jealousy, and the non-sunset version that is a random drop from the Moon. You will need to complete activities on the Moon in the hopes of getting one of the new versions.

PVE - Night Terror god roll

A Night Terror god roll for PVE will look strikingly similar to other Legendary Swords out there. As an Adaptive Frame that does a heavy uppercut, you want to focus on Charge Rate and damage increase to knock down bosses.

Night Terror - PVE
Blade Jagged Edge (Increased damage at the cost of sword ammo. -4 Ammo, +4 Impact)
Guard Swordmaster’s Guard (+10 Charge Rate, +10 Guard Resistance, +40 Guard Endurance)
Perk 1 Relentless Strikes (Landing three light-attack hits within a short time grants Sword ammo)
Perk 2 Whirlwind Blade (Rapid sword strikes increase this weapon’s damage for a short duration. Guarding also ends the effect.)
Masterwork Impact (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Boss Spec

For the Blade, Jagged Edge bumps the Impact stat up a decent amount which also couples with the Masterwork, which should be Impact. The drop in ammo can be safely ignored thanks to the perks and also due to the fact that damage phase windows in content can be short, meaning you’re rarely going to get through your whole ammo anyway. Better to bump up the damage.

Night Terror god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

For the perks, Relentless Strikes will give you ammo when you land three light attacks. This will make up for the loss from Jagged Edge. Whirlwind Blade then increases the Sword’s damage, with powered hits granting a 3 percent damage boost, stacking up to 10 times. This is a massive increase that will help chunk bosses, especially with a Boss Spec mod equipped.

When it comes to the Guard, Swordmaster’s Guard will up the Charge Rate, allowing you to get off more heavy attacks. You can also pop Lucent Blade into your chest piece to hasten the recharge speed. Make sure you've got Arc Surge mods in your boots, too. Take a look at our guide, All Destiny 2 mods, for more information.

PVP - Night Terror god roll

A god roll Night Terror for PVP will focus on using perks that make sense within the Crucible. Whether these perks are worth it for you will be personal preference and will change in the event Swords fall in or out of the meta.

Night Terror - PVP
Blade Hungry Edge (Increased sword ammo. +4 capacity)
Guard Burst Guard (Sword Guard has high resistance, but low endurance. +80 Guard Resistance)
Perk 1 Energy Transfer (Guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy)
Perk 2 Thresh (Killing combatants with this weapon generates a small amount of Super enegy)
Masterwork Imact (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Radar Booster (Slightly increases the range at which radar detects enemies)

Because you don’t get much ammo anyway, and damage with the sword is already high, Hungry Edge ensures you get the most out of each ammo brick. Combo this with Burst Guard to help you resist more damage, though you will not be able to guard for long.

Night Terror god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

The good news is that guarding damage will give you class ability energy thanks to Energy Transfer. This is always a great thing, especially for Warlocks with their Rifts and Titans with Barricade. Couple this with Thresh for a small bump in Super energy on each kill.

Finally, Radar Booster will help you be even more aware of your surroundings in PVP thanks to it increasing the effective range of your radar.

Night Terror has seen an increase in interest following Eris using the Sword to kill Savathun and consume all of the Witch Queen’s power at the end of Season of the Witch. If you want your own god-slaying god roll Night Terror, this is the PVE one you should go for. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more god roll recommendations.

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