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Pantheon is a brand-new activity in Destiny 2 introduced with Into the Light that challenges players to beat raid bosses back-to-back. Players will take on a set of raid bosses with one new boss added each week along with new modifiers and an increase to the difficulty. Completing this will be tough for most players but it will be worth the effort given raid Exotics, emblems, patterns, and more are up for grabs. Below is the Pantheon schedule and everything else you need to know.

The following information comes courtesy of the Destiny 2 API which is visible through We will be able to confirm more information once Pantheon releases on April 30, 2024.

Pantheon schedule

On the first week, April 30, 2024, Pantheon will consist of four bosses with one boss added to the line-up each week except for the final week, where two are introduced. Each week will also see a decrease in players’ effective Power. Below is a table containing the Pantheon schedule, the available bosses, the Power handicap, and all known modifiers. Completing each week is just part of unlocking the Godslayer Title.

In addition to this, each boss will have a Bonus Time where defeating the boss within the time limit will result in a Platinum Score, which is required in unlocking the Title. The timers for each boss are below in the Pantheon Boss Changes section.

Pantheon schedule: Bosses, Power, Modifiers
Name The Pantheon:
Atraks Sovereign
The Pantheon:
Oryx Exalted
The Pantheon:
Rhulk Indomitable
The Pantheon:
Nezarec Sublime
Date April 30 May 7 May 14 May 28
Bosses Golgoroth Golgoroth Golgoroth Golgoroth
The Caretaker The Caretaker The Caretaker The Caretaker
Zo'aurc Zo'aurc Zo'aurc Zo'aurc
Atraks-1 Atraks-1 Atraks-1 Atraks-1
- Oryx Oryx Oryx
- - Rhulk Rhulk
- - - Riven
- - - Nezarec
Power cap 5 below 10 below 15 below 20 below
Modifiers Void Surge
Strand Surge
Class Warfare (Using class abilities increases your fireteam's damage output. Reduces incoming damage while active.)
Solar Surge
Stasis Surge
Shot Caller (Landing multiple precision hits with Primary ammo empowers Special and Heavy ammo weapons. Reducing incoming damage when active.)
Arc Surge
Stasis Surge
Class Warfare (Using class abilities increases your fireteam's damage output. Reduces incoming damage while active.)
Void Surge (maybe)
Strand Surge (maybe)
Shot Caller (Landing multiple precision hits with Primary ammo empowers Special and Heavy ammo weapons. Reducing incoming damage when active.)

Pantheon boss changes

There are a total of eight bosses in Pantheon, with one new boss added each week until the fourth week where two are added. While the mechanics are more or less the same as the fights, there are a few changes, mainly when it comes to enemy quantities and the inclusion of Tormentors.

Golgoroth changes

  • Bonus Timer: 6 minutes 30 seconds
  • Minibosses replace the Champions
  • Two people get Unstable Essence
  • More enemies during Gaze holding

The Caretaker changes

  • Bonus Timer: 7 minutes 30 seconds
  • More enemies
  • Symbols appear to spawn the Caretaker projectiles

Zo’aurc, Macrocosm changes

  • Bonus Timer: 7 minutes 30 seconds
  • Tormentors after successful planet swapping
  • Zo'aurc is more liberal with his fire tornado attacks


  • Bonus Timer: 8 minutes 30 seconds
  • Tormentors spawn on the lower and upper levels
  • Operator and Scanner Vandals are minibosses

Oryx changes

  • Bonus Timer: 9 minutes
  • Light-Eater Knights constantly spawn
  • Tormentor spawns during damage phase
  • Two Shades of Oryx during thunderdome

Rhulk changes

  • Bonus Timer: 10 minutes
  • A Tormentor spawns after two buffs are deposited during the stair section
  • Rhulk summons a mirror copy of himself during the upper level section that only walks and kicks

Riven changes


  • Bonus Timer: 

Nezarec changes


  • Bonus Timer: 

Pantheon guide

With the Pantheon schedule out of the way, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty about how this new activity works, what the Power limitations mean, and what you need to do to succeed.

The Power level will be the biggest challenge for most players, especially in the final week where it reaches Contest Mode levels of handicap. Essentially, your effective Power will be 5 points lower than the enemy. This Power deficit increases by 5 points for each version of Pantheon until the last week where players are 20 points below the enemy – this is the equivalent of a day one raid’s Contest Mode.

What this means is that on week four, all version of Pantheon will be available, with Nezarec Sublime (Week 4) offering a 20 point handicap while Atraks Sovereign (Week 1) will still be a 5 point deficit. 

On top of this, there are modifiers that will rotate. At the moment, these modifiers are unknown, but they are likely to include Surges, Threats, as well as enemy-specific alterations.

In the April 11, 2024 TWID, Bungie indicated that players should be prepared to change their strategies for these boss fights. It appears as though the mechanics may be slightly different. As such, we’ll have Pantheon-specific boss fight guides ready to help you claim victory.

Pantheon rewards

Your efforts for completing Pantheon will be rewarded. Not only can you earn weapon patterns, raid Exotics are up for grabs as well as some unique emblems. Players that complete all the Pantheon Triumphs will get the Godslayer Title – these Triumphs also reward specific Adept weapons.

In order to acquire raid Exotics, players will need to complete a quest called Divine Weaponry. This quest is available from Arcite 99-40 in the Hall of Champions. After the gauntlet of bosses is complete, players can speak with Arcite before leaving Pantheon in order to claim their reward. It currently appears as though there are only two of these quests, you will need to think carefully about what raid weapon you want:

  • One Thousand Voices
  • Eyes of Tomorrow
  • Collective Obligation
  • Touch of Malice
  • Conditional Finality

As mentioned above, there are unique emblems players can earn for completing specific Triumphs. Here are those emblems and the Triumphs to unlock them:

Emblem Emblem Name Triumph
Atraks Dethroned Extinction Averted: Complete all encounters in The Pantheon: Atraks Sovereign
Exalted Beyond Oryx Checkmate: Complete all encounters in The Pantheon: Oryx Exalted
Rhulk Subdued Cast Shadow: Complete all encounters in The Pantheon: Rhulk Indomitable
Above Nezarec Deity Destroyed: Complete all encounters in The Pantheon: Nezarec Sublime

These images come courtesy of Destiny Emblem Collector which accesses the Destiny 2 API.

Be sure to keep your eye on this Pantheon schedule guide as new bosses are added each week. With the modifiers changing, some weeks may be slightly easier than others, but there’s a good chance it’s all going to be tough. We’ll have guides discussing the various boss encounters, should the standard mechanics be altered for this unique activity. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more endgame help including raid guides, dungeon walkthroughs, and more.

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