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Geomag Stabilizers are one of the best Exotics for Warlocks in Destiny 2 and an absolute must-use in PVE content.


Geomag Stabilizers are a game-changer for Chaos Reach Warlocks in Destiny 2. These Exotic boots take Chaos Reach, a rather ho-hum Super, and make it extremely competitive. Warlock players looking to compete with other classes’ damage numbers need to get their hands on a pair of these boots as soon as possible.

Geomag Stabilizers

The humble Geomag Stabilizers are a pair of Exotic Warlock boots in Destiny 2. These were originally introduced in the Forsaken expansion, along with the new Stormcaller tree, Attunement of Control. By improving the recharge speed of Chaos Reach, and its duration, Geomag Stabilizers are able to vastly improve the damage output of Stormcallers.

Close Enough

destiny 2 geomag stabilizers close enough

The main perk on Geomag Stabilizers is called Close Enough. This used to be even better than what it was, recharging your Super when you sprinted, but now that element has been dropped. However, the last part of the perkstill remains: By dealing damage with Chaos Reach, the Geomags will increase its duration – more on this in a moment.

  • Close Enough – Damaging enemies with Chaos Reach extends its duration.

When to use Geomag Stabilizers

destiny 2 geomag stabilizers

Geomag Stabilizers should be used in every single PVE encounter that features strong enemies or a boss. Whenever you cast Chaos Reach and are hitting an enemy, Geomag Stabilizers will slow down the rate at which the energy bar depletes. When firing it at something like a raid boss or boss in Gambit, you can get several more seconds’ worth of damage out thanks to these Exotic boots.

By coupling this extra duration together with something like a Well of Radiance, Weapons of Light, or even Gambit’s Primeval Slayer buff, you will be able to burn through a boss’ health extremely quickly.

Because Geomag Stabilizers rely entirely on single-target damage, using them in Crucible isn’t a great strategy. Most enemies will die in a matter of seconds anyway, and switching between targets waste precious seconds. However, getting your Super back faster is a benefit that should be weighed against other Exotics.

How to get Geomag Stabilizers

Geomag Stabilizers are only available through Exotic Engrams, Prime Engrams, as rewards from end-game content, and purchasable from Xur when he sells them. For this reason, the best way to get Geomag Stabilizers is to play all the end-game content that drops Powerful gear, such as the Nightfall: The Ordeal, as the higher difficulties have a chance to drop Exotics.

Geomag Stabilizers lore

destiny 2 geomag stabilizers lore

“The hurricane will overtake you. It’s inevitable. Take stability where you can get it.” – Ikora Rey

Patience. Breathing. Focus.

The clouds gathered as she waited behind cover. The Wizards' wailing was far too close. Her heart clenched, racing; she turned inward.

Patience. Breathing. Focus.

She felt the sky inside her, coalescing, shimmering. She thought of rain. She thought of the cheek of her unexpected friend, cupped in her hand, cold and wet. "Just hang on – Please –" she whispered. Something resembling a laugh susurrated from behind his many needle-like teeth. Water dripped from his chainmail mask into his open mouth. Her throat tasted like metal.

Patience. Breathing. Focus.

The pregnant silence when animals go underground. The dance of water on the roof. The gentle sway of curtains on a humid evening. The distant beat of thunder.

The Wizards, howling now.

Patience. Breathing. Focus.

The dark clouds grew heavier, and each of her bones thrummed with longing. She braided her hands in preparation, gathered herself inward, upward. She turned to run for the Wizards, who danced screaming over the corpse of her friend. The static came with her, wreaths of electricity, brightening at each step. When she began her war cry, the sky spoke for her, cracking, and she threw her palms in front of her—

The storm poured forth.




The Geomag Stabilizers are a must-have item for Stormcaller Warlocks. By helping recharge Chaos Reach, and extending its duration while in use, Geomags will help you dominate the powerful bosses in end-game content. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more Exotic armor overviews and recommendations.

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