Wanted: Student of Beltrik - Destiny 2

Student of Beltrik, a Wanted bounty in Destiny 2, is hiding out near the Exodus Black.


Continuing with our coverage of the Wanted bounties that made their way into Destiny 2 with the latest expansion, Forsaken, we’ll be looking at the location of a Fallen Captain referred to as Student of Beltrik. This Fall Captain is one of the easier foes to find, but there could be some waiting involved due to the fact they aren’t found in a mission or lost sector.

Wanted: Student of Beltrik - Exodus Black

The Wanted Bounty for Student of Beltrik
The Wanted Bounty for Student of Beltrik

Just like the Wanted bounty says, Student of Beltrik can be found in the Exodus Black region on Nessus. Spawn in and stay almost right where the Guardian first sets foot. This high vantage point allows players to see the area the Fallen Captain they seek might spawn. From the default Nessus spawn point, look to the right for a collection of platforms that are frequently infested by the Fallen, and that’s where the Student of Beltrik will spawn.

While some of the Wanted Prison of Elders escapees can be found in lost sectors, like the Metal Captain, Student of Beltrik is instead roaming the patrol area. Expect to wait up to 10 minutes (perhaps even a bit longer) for this Fallen foe to appear. When Student of Beltrik does show up, ensure that you get a single shot on this enemy as quickly as possible. This prevents other players from killing this adversary too quickly and forcing Guardians to wait another 10 minutes. A single shot landed is required to get credit for completing the bounty. Of course, Student of Beltrik must die as well.

With the Wanted bounty for the Student of Beltrik complete, get back on the hunt for more escapees from the Prison of Elders. We’re working through them all and will be collecting them in the Destiny 2 strategy guide that covers everything the game has to offer since its initial launch in September 2017.

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