How to play Overflow - Destiny 2

Learn how the new Overflow activity in the Pale Heart works in Destiny 2.


Overflow is the brand new activity in Destiny 2 exclusive to the Pale Heart. This is sort of like a massive public event, where the end boss guarantees you an Exotic weapon. At first, Overflow is going to seem overwhelming, but once you know what’s going on, you’ll be able for farm the activity with ease.

How to play Overflow

Overflow is available in a few of the key regions in The Pale Heart: The Landing, The Blooming, and The Impasse. This activity tasks you with defeating 1,000 enemies three times in order to summon a boss. You can earn bonus progress by completing mini public events dotted around the area. Completing a public event will net you about 500 points toward the goal.

The icon of the Overflow activity in the Pale Heart
You can launch into the Overflow activity via the map to matchmake with other players.
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Each time you complete a public event, a chest will spawn, which are needed to advance some of Micah-10’s quests. Once you reach 1,000 points, a node is locked in and you’ll begin charging the next one. The mini public events are all different and each area features unique ones. Some will have you defeating enemies and carrying Taken charges through the Ascendant plane while others will require you to destroy Taken Blights, follow a Ghost, shoot crystals around a Screeb, and more.

After the first three nodes are locked, a boss will spawn in the center of the area. The boss fights require you to deal damage to the boss to remove its health chunks. When a chunk is depleted, it will typically shield itself and you’ll need to perform some mechanics to remove the shield. The mechanic might be standing in pools of poison and dunking it or using Hive swords to destroy green nodes.

Once the boss is defeat, a chest will spawn that will contain gear. You have a chance to acquire Deepsight weapons and Destination mods. When you complete Overflow in the daily region (marked by the larger Overflow icon), you are guaranteed to get an Ergo Sum sword – which is a great way to farm new rolls.

Overflow is an enticing new activity in Destiny 2 that rewards Deepsight (red border) weapons, Destination mods, and random rolls of the Ergo Sum Exotic sword. Take some time to learn how the activity works and then start farming! Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help.

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