How to change your Bungie Name - Destiny 2

All Destiny 2 players are able to change their Bungie Name exactly one time.


While some users may be used to changing their names repeatedly, Bungie has now locked each player’s name to what it appeared as last. Thankfully, everyone can change their Bungie Name one time. After you use this, there are no more changes available. If you’ve been mucking around with Steam’s username changing and have found yourself with a gamertag you don’t want, here’s how to change it.

Change your Bungie Name

All players are allowed to change their Bungie Name once. Pick extremely carefully, because when you use this single name change, you will be unable to change your name again. You will be forever stuck with the same Bungie Name unless you create an entirely new account. Here are the steps to change your screen name:

  1. Go to and sign in to your account
  2. Click the player icon and then Settings
  3. Go to Identity Settings
  4. Enter new name in Bungie Name
destiny 2 change bungie name
Go to your Profile on and select Indentity Settings to change your name.
Source: Bungie

After you enter your new Bungie Name, hit the save button and it will be locked in. You will see this reflected next time you sign in to Destiny 2.

Picking a new name can be a stressful moment. It’s especially true when players are only given one shot to get it right. However, if you’ve been  using some meme names with Steam’s edit profile name function (shout out to anyone with (Adept) in their name), you might find yourself with one you’d rather not have. Take a moment to consider your new name; Bungie even offers some recommendations.

Changing your Bungie Name is easy, but you can only do it once. The process is permanent and there’s no news on whether Bungie will let players change it again. For this reason, pick carefully because this name is going to stick with you for years. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more tips and advice.

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