How to farm Recon Data - Destiny 2

Fill your pockets with more Recon Data in Destiny 2 so you can level up Crow faster.


Recon Data is a new vendor currency added to Destiny 2 in Season of the Hunt. This new currency is used to increase the reputation level of Crow, a new vendor in the Tangled Shore. By leveling up Crow, players will gain access to new hunts, powerful mods, and other benefits. But in order to do this, players need to get a lot of Recon Data.

Farm Recon Data

Recon Data is currently only available from a few key sources in Destiny 2. This severely limits how much players can farm Recon Data. However, it’s possible to increase how much Recon Data you earn. First, here’s where you get Recon Data:

  • Wrathborn Hunts
  • Season Pass – paid track

Check out the Season of the Hunt Triumphs so you don't miss out on your Warden Title.

destiny 2 recon data
Though all hunts reward Recon Data, sometimes their actual reward won't be a weapon or armor piece, and will instead be a stack of Recon Data. This typically occurs for one of the prey after you hunt it for the first time.

By the time Season of the Hunt comes out, most players may find themselves in possession of a stack and a half of Recon Data. The reason for this is that the paid track on the Season Pass has 30 Recon Data for players to unlock.

Beyond the Season Pass, it’s also possible to earn Recon Data from Wrathborn Hunts. Each hunt will award about 5 Recon Data as a base level. However, sometimes the “package contents” of a hunt will show that it rewards Recon Data, which amounts to a bonus 12 on top of the 5. Farm these hunts to get a good supply rather quickly.

Though these are the only two ways to get this new currency, there is actually a way to increase how much Recon Data is dropped from Wrathborn Hunts. The first time you rank up Crow, you can unlock the Reputation Boost 1 (the sixth time you get Reputation Boost 2), which increases data obtained from hunts. There is also the Season Pass where ranks 32 and 72 unlock the Crow Reputation Boost. This also increases how much Recon Data you get per hunt.

destiny 2 recon data reputation boost
There are mods that you can earn that boost how much Recon Data you receive from a Wrathborn Hunt.

Furthermore, there is a mod that can be slotted into the Cryptolith Lure called Trophy Mod: Reputation. This mod gives additional Recon Data from a Wrathborn hunt. Using this mod, the boosts from Crow, and the boosts from the Season Pass should see you collecting enough to rank up Crow 10 times for that last upgrade.

Farming up a good supply of Recon Data is going to take a lot of work. While you can farm the Wrathborn Hunts repeatedly for more, it requires you to charge the Lure by playing other activities. There’s no rush to max out Crow’s reputation just yet, so pace yourself. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more tips on how best to tackle this latest season.

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