Retrofit Escapade god roll - Destiny 2

Retrofit Escapade has emerged as one of the highest DPS options in Destiny 2.


Retrofit Escapade is a Void Machine Gun introduced in Season of the Seraph. It is one of the new seasonal weapons alongside the returning IKELOS set. 

With the right setup, Retrofit Escape is currently one of the highest DPS options in Destiny 2 PVE. Pairing up its high RPM with Volatile Rounds, Retrofit Escapade is a current must-have for any Guardian’s inventory.

Retrofit Escapade can be crafted, allowing Guardians to hook it up with enhanced perks. 

How to get Retrofit Escapade

The default perks for Retrofit Escapade in Destiny 2

Source: Bungie

Retrofit Escapade can be acquired as a completion reward from Heist Battlegrounds and It can be focused using Umbral Engrams in the H.E.L.M at the Season of the Seraph vendor for a small material fee. Retrofit Escapade is also found on the season pass track and can be unlocked at level 30. 

PVE - Retrofit Escapade god roll

The PvE God Roll for Retrofit Escapade in Destiny 2

Source: D2 Gunsmith

To enhance Retrofit Escapade into the DPS monster it can be, Volatile Rounds must be triggered on your Guardian. You can set this up via your Guardian’s Void subclass using the Fragments system. Exotics such as Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk also make the setup easier to achieve before a DPS phase. 

When Volatile Rounds are ready to go, each explosion they cause makes the timer reset back to ten. Due to Retrofit Escapade having a high RPM, this causes the explosions to go off faster. Once this is engaged, the only thing stopping you is your Heavy ammo reserve.

Retrofit Escapade - PVE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +10, Handling +10)
Magazine Extended Mag (Magazine +21)
Perk 1 Fourth Time’s the Charm (Four precision hits generate two ammo to the magazine. Precision Hit counter is reset if no precision hits register within two seconds.)
Perk 2 Target Lock (Damage increases the longer this weapon remains on a target. Stacks up to x5, 10% damage increase per stack.)
Origin Trait Ambush (Improves range, handling, and damage against combatants during the opening moments of an engagement.)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked) 
Mod Boss Spec or Major Spec (7.77 percent damage increase)

To take advantage of Retrofit Escapade and its high-damage potential it’s key to get the magazine size high and maintain control while firing. This is why Arrowhead Brake comes in as a top choice here as it helps the most with the recoil control.

Extended Mag to enhance the magazine size by 21 extra rounds. Paired with Fourth Time’s the Charm, four precision hits will return two to the magazine, extending the DPS time and rewarding you for precision. 

Target Lock then rounds this roll off perfectly as it increases damage the longer you are aiming at your target. The high magazine size and higher health of the enemies you will use Retrofit Escapade on will push the damage out to impressive numbers. Just keep in mind, Retrofit Escapade has low Range so for best results, you want to be up close. Lunafaction Boots are a great way to help push the distance out if there’s a Warlock in the Fireteam. 

PVP - Retrofit Escapade god roll 

The PvP God Roll for Retrofit Escapade in Destiny 2

Source: D2 Gunsmith

Retrofit Escapade will likely not see much action in the Crucible in the current meta and its lower Range stat. Its high RPM can melt opponents when used in the right way so it can be used on smaller maps where you can close the gap quickly. 

Retrofit Escapade - PVP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +10, Handling +10)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Heating Up (On weapon kill: Stability +15, Recoil +20. Stacks to x2)
Perk 2 Tap the Trigger (Immediately upon firing: Stability +40)
Origin Trait Ambush (Improves range, handling, and damage against combatants during the opening moments of an engagement.)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked)  
Mod Counterbalance Stock (Recoil +15)

Arrowhead Brake remains the best option for Recoil control. Accurized Rounds increases the Range to keep you at a safer distance with engagements. 

Heating Up adds bonus Stability upon defeating an opponent and stacks to x2 bonus so it helps to chain kills. Tap the Trigger then rounds Retrofit Escapade off by providing a burst of strong Stability which on this high RPM Machine Gun can make all the difference in a 1v1 engagement. Counterbalance Stock then improves Recoil to help keep Retrofit Escapade under control when firing. 

Retrofit Escapade really flew under the radar at first in terms of its potential but now that it’s been discovered, it’s a ton of fun to use. With it being craftable, we can all build this god roll in no time. For more god roll weapon breakdowns, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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