How to get the Chaperone in Destiny 2

Unlock one of the best Exotic shotguns in Destiny 2, the Chaperone.


Shotguns are all the rage at the moment in Destiny 2 and none are as competitive as the Chaperone. This single-slug shotgun has been carried across from the original Destiny, retaining some of hits characteristics that made it so dominant in the Crucible. Players looking to rack up more wins will definitely want to get their hands on the Chaperone.

How to get the Chaperone

The only way to get the Chaperone is to receive the quest “Holliday Family History” which drops randomly at the end of a Crucible match. There is no way to increase your odds of receiving the quest, simply play Crucible until it drops. Once the Crucible Tournament drops, players will need to go and speak with Amanda Holliday in the Hangar to begin the tournament proper.

Speak with Amanda Holliday after receiving the randomly-dropped quest, Holliday Family History.

There are only a few steps to unlocking the Chaperone, and all of them require fighting in the Crucible:

  • Use shotguns to kill 20 opponents
  • Use Arc, Void, and Solar damage to kill opponents in Crucible, deaths sets back progress
  • Get 15 kills in Gambit
  • Return to Holliday to receive the Chaperone

Get shotgun kills

The first step requires 20 shotgun kills in Crucible.

The first step to acquiring the Chaperone (after receiving the Holliday Family History quest) is to head into Crucible and get 20 kills with shotguns. These kills can be across multiple games, in any of the Crucible game types, they just have to be made using a shotgun. It’s a good idea to stick with one shotgun in a single slot, as equipping two shotguns splits the ammo between them, making it difficult to follow up with a second shot if the first doesn’t kill.

Hawthorne’s Field-Forged shotgun is a great option for a kinetic weapon, as it brings together a decent impact with the auto-fire option. Similarly, Badlands in the energy weapon slot is another great options.

Elemental kills

Use elemental weapons and abilities to complete this step of the Chaperone quest. Deaths will result in percentage lost.

The elemental kills is likely going to be the most difficult portion of this quest, as it requires players to use a very setup while also netting a positive kill/death ratio. Every kill with an elemental weapon earns roughly 4% towards a total, while a death will remove 2%. This means players should try to get at least one kill for every death.

An excellent strategy for this step of the Chaperone quest is to equip a full set of elemental gear, including subclass. As an example, use a Solar Energy and Power weapon, while using a Solar subclass, as this will guarantee that every kill earned will directly result in progress through the Solar portion. Thankfully, once an element has reached 100%, it will be locked, meaning any deaths won’t reverse it.

Kills in Gambit

This is likely going to be the easiest step, as players must simply get 15 kills in Gambit – either as an invader or as a defender. This means players could theoretically knock this one out in a single match if they’re able to get four kills during each invade. Reports from the Destiny community suggest that assists also count – though I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Claiming all kills in Gambit will result in one final step: returning to Holliday. Head back to the Tower, run down to the Hangar, and speak with Holliday to claim the almighty Chaperone. Players from the original will know this shotgun inside and out, but for those who joined for Destiny 2, it’s a beast. It’s primary perk, Precision Slug, fires a single-slug precision round (which deals precision damage), which activates its second perk, The Roadborn, precision kills briefly grant bonus handling, range, and precision damage with this weapon.

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