What Weapon to Choose from Ana Bray in Destiny 2

Choose the best weapon offered up by Ana Bray in the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC.


Like all Destiny 2 expansions, Bungie has brought a batch of new weapons and armor to the game. Some of this will be obtained through engrams and reward chests, and some of it could be tied to quests. The first weapons Guardians will encounter related to quests are given out by Ana Bray. Players will have to choose one of three options, but which weapon is the best?

What Weapon to Take from Ana Bray?

Ana Bray offers up a choice of three weapons, each one legendary in rarity. During a first playthrough of the Warmind story missions, the weapon should drop higher than anything currently owned or equipped, but this may not be the case on subsequent runs.

  • Energy Weapon: Kibou AR3 Auto Rifle
  • Energy Weapon: Requim-45 Pulse Rifle
  • Kinetic Weapon: Telemachus-C Scout Rifle

Before taking my advice on which weapon to choose, keep in mind that it’s subjective. There is no best weapon when considering everyone has different preferences and play styles. However, I’ve tried to look at this issue from the most objective perspective possible, which is to compare each of these three to something already in the game that is regarded as part of the meta.

The Telemachus-C can be compared to the Nameless Midnight because they are both kinetic scout rifles. However, the Nameless Midnight is clearly the better option. Telemachus-C has better range and impact but falls short of Nameless Midnight with regards to stability, handling and reload speed. It also fires 30 less rounds per minute than Nameless Midnight and carries only 13 rounds in the magazine instead of 16.

Looking at the Requim-45, it seemed fitting to compare it to The Time-Worn Spire, a legendary pulse rifle earned through the Iron Banner. The Time-Worn Spire is a kinetic weapon, though, and the Requiem-45 is an energy weapon. Although I don’t have exact numbers in this case, both have comparable impact ratings, although it’s safe to say the Requiem-45 has better range. The Time-Worn Spire looks to have a slight edge in stability, and both have about the same handling and reload speed. Both weapons fire 540 rounds per minute, and The Time-Worn Spire has on extra round in the magazine at 37. The trait on these two weapons is Zen Moment in both cases, which results in increased stability when causing damage. Basically, if you love The Time-Worn Spire, consider this weapon, otherwise save it for a later Warmind story run.

The Kibou AR3 appears to be the clear choice for the best weapon to choose from Ana Bray. I compared it to Uriel’s Gift, an auto rifle that players have used in the Crucible for months now. Kibou AR3 has an identical impact rating as Uriel’s Gift, but is better in range, stability, handling, and reload speed. They both fire 450 rounds per minute, although the Kibou AR3 has a 31-round magazine instead of a 33-round magazine. Both are precision frame weapons, and the Kibou AR3 comes with a trait that causes an elemental damage explosion with each precision kill.

Luckily, the choice of which weapon to choose from Ana Bray only carries short-term consequences. Each of these weapons will be available to players through the standard loot table, and on subsequent runs through the Warmind story. By playing the Warmind campaign on all three characters, a different weapon can be taken each time.

Now that a weapon has been chosen from Ana Bray in the Warmind campaign, visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide to explore everything life as a Guardian has to offer.

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