All Calus bobblehead locations - Destiny 2

Where to find all the Calus bobbleheads hidden around the Derelict Leviathan in Destiny 2.


Calus bobbleheads are the new collectible players will be searching for in Destiny 2. These Calus effigies are hidden all around the Derelict Leviathan and can be quite difficult to track down. However, there are hints to be found in the H.E.L.M. or better yet, the following guide to point you in the right direction. The bobbleheads unlock on a weekly basis, so make sure you check back as we continue to document their locations and where to put them.

Calus bobblehead locations

There are several Calus bobbleheads to find in the Derelict Leviathan. You can find a hint of where they are found by heading to the H.E.L.M. and looking at the bits of paper to the left of the Crown of Sorrow.


destiny 2 calus bobblehead castellum

The first Calus bobblehead can be found in the Castellum, right near where you load in. The catch is that you must complete a Nightmare Containment public event for a door to unlock, granting you access.

Once the Tier 3 boss is defeated, go back to the original spawn point of the Castellum, go up the small set of stairs and activate the lever in the corner. The door will open revealing a chest and a bobblehead inside the door to the right.

Royal Pools

destiny 2 calus bobblehead royal pools

This Calus bobblehead is found in the Royal Pools, the area  to the left of the Castellum spawn point. Go into the Royal Pool area and follow the right path up to the back. Go inside the room and look for the hole in the ground. Drop down the hole and follow this single path to the end to spot the bobblehead.

Pleasure Gardens

destiny 2 calus bobblehead pleasure gardens

The Calus bobblehead in the Pleasure Gardens is behind the large Calus statue that’s above the bunker. To reach the Pleasure Gardens, start at the spawn point of the Castellum and go off the right where the main central structure is. Go down the stairs, through the door, and follow the passage. You’ll enter the Pleasure Gardens facing directly at the Calus statue. Jump up behind it and pick up your collectible.

Sever – Shame

destiny 2 calus bobblehead sever shame

There is another Calus bobblehead in the Sever mission. This quest is unlocked as part of the Season of the Haunted campaign and can be started via the Moon. Progress through the quest until you reach the room where all the lights turn off and you must activate the manual override. Look for the thin room with the tall electrical wall. The bobblehead is above you on a platform. Climb the pipes to reach the top.

Sever – Reconciliation

destiny 2 calus bobblehead sever reconciliation

The Calus Bobblehead in Reconciliation is found at the start, immediately after the small pipe you crouch-walk through. Go through the pipes and then turn right and go down to the deadend where the Calus automaton message was in Shame. Enter the last pipe opening, go to the end and look to the left to find the bobblehead.

Sever – Grief

destiny 2 calus bobblehead sever grief

The Calus Bobblehead in Sever – Grief is immediately after you plant the first amplifier. When the door opens, go left instead of right. Look behind the boxes to spot the collectible.

Sever – Forgiveness

destiny 2 calus bobblehead sever forgiveness
After speaking with Zavala, continue into Conduit and jump up to the platform pictured.
destiny 2 bobbleheads
Look on top of the blue pipe when on the platform to spot the bobblehead.

The Calus Bobblehead in Sever – Forgiveness is after speaking with Zavala and placing the last amplifier. Continue into the long corridor called Conduit. Go to the point in the corridor where you must jump up to a platform sort of halfway along. The bobblehead is up on a pipe on this platform.

Sever – Rage

destiny 2 sever rage calus bobblehead

The Calus Bobblehead in Sever – Rage is found in the Engine room where you must destroy the Unrelenting Nightmare. It is under the platform where there are three huge pipes feeding into the room.

destiny 2 calus bobblehead rage
Go into the room on the right first to find the lever which opens the door on the left.

To unlock this room, start at the entrance, destroy the arc node above the door on the right, and activate the lever inside. Go back into the main hall, and go down the ramp into the lower room. Drop down onto the Egregore pile and crouch under the platform to find the collectible.

Sever – Resolve

destiny 2 calus bobblehead sever resolve
Once you defeat the Unrelenting Nightmare by burning it, continue down the fan corridor.

The Calus Bobblehead in Sever – Resolve is found in the long hallway with the fans, up on a platform. This is the corridor below where you meet Caiatl when she’s speaking to the Nightmare of Ghaul. Unlock access to the fan corridor by defeating the Unrelenting Nightmare (the contaminant you must burn).

destiny 2 calus bobblehead week 6
Look for a ledge in the middle of the corridor on the left. Jump up, go through the door, and grab the collectible behind the pallets.

With the fans turned off, go through the fans until you reach the middle with a round platform and a ledge on the left. Jump up to the ledge, go through the door, and look in the back of the room to spot the collectible.

What to do with the Calus bobbleheads

destiny 2 proudly display your calus bobblehead

Once you collect a Calus bobblehead, it can be placed in the H.E.L.M., in the area to the left of the Crown of Sorrow. Each one you collect has its own specific spot, according to the clue on the piece of paper. You must remember to place the bobblehead if you want to unlock the Triumph for the Reaper Title.

For those playing at the start of the season collecting all of the Calus bobbleheads will take a few weeks’ of work as they become available. Alternatively, you can always collect them once the bobbleheads are all unlocked. No matter which one you choose, this guide will be updated until all of them are accounted for. Stop by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more collectible guides and info on the latest season.

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