All Calus automaton messages: Hear, Don't Heed Triumph - Destiny 2

Find all of Calus' automatons and listen to their messages for the Hear, Don't Heed Triumph in Destiny 2.


There are several Calus automatons to find during the Sever mission in Destiny 2. Locating all of the robots, and listening to their message, is needed to complete the Triumph, Hear, Don’t Heed. These messages are only available during specific missions, so players will need to ensure they login and play each week to mark this off of their to-do list.

All Calus automaton messages – Hear, Don’t Heed Triumph

destiny 2 hear don't heed triumph
destiny 2 hear don't heed triumph

Hidden around the Derelict Leviathan are Calus automatons that have a message for you to hear. In order to unlock the Hear, Don’t Heed Triumph, you will need to locate every single one and listen to its entire message. This is important if you want the Reaper Title.

To hear the message, simply approach the Calus robot and stand near it until it finishes speaking. You can check your progress for this Triumph via the Haunted Seal/Reaper Title or under the Season of the Haunted node, and then the Nightmares tab under Sever.

Sever – Shame

destiny 2 calus automaton hear dont heed shame
Go through the small tunnels and turn right when you get to the other side.

The Calus automaton message in Sever – Shame is immediately after you crouch-walk through the small tunnel. When you exit the tunnel, don’t go left to the Egregore Spore, go to the right. You will find the Calus robot in the corner.

Sever – Reconciliation

destiny 2 calus automaton message sever reconciliation
After Crow speaks, use the levers in the room to the left, and then go down the hall to the now-open room.

The Calus automaton message in Sever – Reconciliation is opposite the levers you must use to unlock the armory. After passing through the small tunnel, using the Egregore spore, and clearing out the dark room, you’ll get to see Crow throw a window. Turn left and go into the dark to use the levers. When you come out, look down the hall to see a door open, revealing Psions. Defeat the Psions and go inside to find the Calus robot.

Sever – Grief

destiny 2 calus automaton message sever grief

This Calus automaton message is in the first room with enemies and the plants in what is the Irrigation area. Clear the room and look to where the walkway is fallen into the water. The Calus robot is in the water, along the side of the room, before the collapsed path.

Sever – Forgiveness

destiny 2 calus automaton sever forgiveness
After you open the first door with the wrench, go through the door, turn right, and through the next door. 
Go down the hallway to reach the Calus robot.

The Calus automaton message in Sever – Forgiveness is in a small room after you unlock the door with the wrench. This is the area where you must clear out the Festering Scorn. After you open the door with the wrench, immediately turn right and go past the pipe that’s in a brace in the middle of the room. Go through the door and down the hallway to reach the Calus robot.

Sever – Rage

destiny 2 calus automaton sever rage
The lever here unseals the immolation hall. Go to the end of the hall and turn right.
Jump over the canister and go to the end of the hall to find the robot.

The Calus automaton message in Sever – Rage is found in the Engine room where you must destroy the Unrelenting Nightmare. Specifically, it is where you use the lever to unseal the immolation hall. When you enter the Engine room, take a right and destroy the arc node above the door with the broken red pipe. Follow the hall to the end and instead of using the door on the left, jump over the canister on the right to get behind the machine. The robot is at the end.

Sever – Resolve

destiny 2 calus automaton sever resolve
When you drop down and fight alongside the Coalition Allies, go through the door that is flanked by two turrets.
destiny 2 calus message sever resolve
Go through the door and turn left to spot the robot.

The Calus automaton message in Sever – Resolve is found in the room behind the two turrets after you drop down to fight alongside Cabal soldiers. When you drop down the circular hole, you will see two Cabals Val Parthus and Bracus Lume, both of them Coalition Allies. At the end of the hallway will be two turrets beside an open door. Go through the door and turn left to find the Calus robot.

Finding and listening to all of the Calus automaton messages will take a bit of time. However, if you want to unlock the Hear, Don’t Heed Triumph in Destiny 2 it is critical you remember to do this each week. While you’re out there on the Leviathan, make sure you know where to find the Opulent Chests and the Nightmare Containment boss rotations so you can cross more items off of your list. Swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for all of our coverage of this season and more.

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