All Opulent Key chest locations - Destiny 2

Opulent Keys give players a clue as to where to find a chest in Destiny 2. Track them down and claim your Opulent weapons.


Opulent Keys are a new type of consumable introduced to Destiny 2 during Season of the Haunted. These keys offer a clue as to which chest aboard the Derelict Leviathan they open, but finding the right chest might be tough for those unfamiliar with Calus’ ship. Below you’ll find the clue for each Opulent Key and the Opulent chest it opens.

All Opulent Key clues and chest locations

There are several Opulent chests scattered around the Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2. Players that receive an Opulent Key will need to decipher the clue and work out where it wants them to go. You can inspect the clue in your inventory, which will tell you the exact room to search.

Royal Pools – Where water used to flow

destiny 2 opulent chest where water used to flow

The Opulent chest for the clue “Where water used to flow” is found in the back-left of the Royal Pools. Enter the area and follow the left path up the stairs. When you reach the top, look in the area to the left to spot the chest against the wall.

Royal Pools – At the feet of greatness

destiny 2 opulent chest at the feet of greatness

The Opulent chest for the clue “At the feet of greatness” is at the entrance to the Royal Pools. Look to the left of the large corrupted statue of Calus. The chest is behind the brazier.

Royal Pools – Among stately columns

destiny 2 opulent chest among stately columns

The Opulent chest for the clue “Among stately columns” is in the right-hand side room in the Royal Pools. As you enter the area, go to the right, up the stairs and into the area. You’ll spot the chest up against the wall.

Pleasure Gardens – Among the ruins

destiny 2 opulent chest among the ruins

The Opulent chest for the clue “Among the ruins” is in the Pleasure Gardens, to the left of the entrance. As you enter, run down the stairs and hug the left wall to find the chest near a pillar.

Pleasure Gardens – Guarded by a loyal companion

destiny 2 opulent chest guarded by a loyal companion

The Opulent chest for the clue “Guarded by a loyal companion” is in the Pleasure Gardens, below a statue of a War Hound to the left of the center bunker. Enter the gardens, cut across the area, and go to the left of the giant Calus statue to spot the chest.

Pleasure Gardens – By fallen greatness

destiny 2 opulent chest by fallen greatness

The Opulent chest for the clue “By fallen greatness” is in the Pleasure Gardens, to the right by the giant Calus head.

Finding all the Opulent chest locations based on the key clues will reward you with some highly-sought after Opulent weapons. If you’re lucky, you might even get a Deepsight Resonance out of it and be able to extract a weapon pattern for crafting. With the chest unlocked, get back to farming Opulent keys and be sure to stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with Season of the Haunted.

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