Wanted: Silent Fang - Destiny 2

Learn how to defeat the Silent Fang and complete the Wanted bounty in Destiny 2.


Each week the Spider offers up a handful of bounties for Guardians to complete, requiring them to hunt escapees from the Prison of Elders. Some of these bounties are found in lost sectors, some are done through normal exploration, and each week one Wanted bounty is completed through a heroic adventure at Power level 540. The Silent Fang, the Spider’s latest bounty offering Powerful gear, will be a challenge for even veteran Guardians.

Wanted: The Silent Fang - Cavern of Souls

To see the heroic adventure required to hunt the Silent Fang, Guardians must buy the Wanted: Silent Fang bounty from the Spider in the Tangled Shore. This will require you to collect Ghost Fragments (five, to be exact) beforehand. With the bounty in your inventory, set a course for the Sludge in the EDZ. There will be a heroic adventure marked on the map. Set a marker for this location and head to the starting point.

The Wanted: Silent Fang bounty takes place in a lost sector called the Cavern of Souls. The Silent Fang will not be there unless the bounty is active in your inventory, so you can’t just walk in and kill him. When you do walk in, however, you’ll find quite a few enemies, including Exploder Shanks. When destroyed, these Exploder Shanks will drop an explosive that can be picked up and thrown. Now, it might seem like a good idea to throw your explosive at enemies, and it can be, but first throw it at the generator blocking the path that leads deeper into the Cavern of Souls. This mechanic is the main thing to remember throughout the entire fight.

How to Defeat the Silent Fang

A short distance ahead you’ll find a dark room with the Silent Fang. In this room will be several generators that are powering the Silent Fang’s shields. The objective for most of the fight is to destroy the Exploder Shanks, pick up the explosives, and throw them at the generators. Each time you do this there will be an opportunity to damage the Silent Fang, but its shields will soon activate again. Repeat this process, but don’t be afraid to slow down and play it safe. Things can get crazy any time you combine small spaces and Exploder Shanks.

As the Silent Fang nears death, a Fang Servitor will spawn in if each of the generators have already been destroyed. This enemy is immune to normal damage, so continue to kill Exploder Shanks and use them to destroy the Fang Servitor. Once it’s down, it’s open season on the Silent Fang, and all that’s left to do is finish the fight and eliminate this target.

When the Silent Fang is down, turn the Wanted bounty in from your inventory and receive a Powerful engram. You’ll have many more targets to hunt, so be sure to use our guide for all lost sector locations, and our main Destiny 2 strategy guide, to stay current on all that Guardians need to know.

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