Dust lore collectible locations - Destiny 2

Where to find all the Dust lore locations in The Reckoning for the Dust Triumph in Destiny 2.


There are several Dust lore locations hidden in the Derelict and The Reckoning for players to find in Destiny 2. Finding each of these items unlocks a new piece of lore for players to read. While there isn’t necessarily a reward for collecting all the Dust lore, knowledge is certainly power!

Dust lore locations

Destiny 2 Dust Lore locations
Finding the Dust lore locations unlocks the associated lore on the Dust Triumph page.

There are only a few Dust lore collectibles to find in The Reckoning and all can be collected in a couple of minutes. Four of them can be found before going through the portal in Drifter’s ship, two can be found near the Mote bank, and one is located in actual tier 1 arena.

Dust lore 1 – The Kell

The first piece of Dust lore is found inside the Drifter’s ship before going through the portal. Stand looking at the portal and then turn left, jump to the square platform and then drop down to the ground. The gold relic is down in the shadows leaning against the wall.

Dust lore 2 – The Red Box

The second Dust lore location is found before entering the portal in Drifter’s ship. Stand looking at the portal then turn right and jump up to the higher platform. Follow the platform around to the end to spot the gold relic on the ground.

Dust lore 3 – The Stacks

The next Dust lore relic is found to the right of the starting point in Drifter’s ship. Continue through the small hallway to the end. Do not go out into the next area, instead, jump over the railing to go under the walkway. The gold relic is beside a padded pipe-like structure.

Dust lore 4 – The Bone

Another Dust lore location can be found to the right of the starting point in Drifter’s ship. Go through the hallway and out into the next little room where a big container can be seen. Go around the side of the container to find the gold relic on some supplies.

Dust lore 5 – The Gate

This Dust lore collectible is through the portal in Drifter’s ship, in the middle ground where the bank is located. When standing with the bank on your left and looking at the hole, turn right and walk out into the no man’s land. There will be a rise in the snow toward one of the statue platforms, the gold relic is half-buried.

Dust lore 6 – The Leviathan

The sixth Dust lore location is near the bank through the Drifter’s portal. Stand with the bank on your left and then walk out toward the hole. Walk along the thin beam and then turn around to face the bank. The gold relic is tucked below the blocks; you will need to jump to it, being careful not to fall into the hole.

Dust lore 7 – The Declaration

The seventh Dust lore item is in the tier 1 Reckoning arena. Go through the portal in the ground and then head to the long walkway out toward the tall structure. The gold relic is tucked along the left side of the walkway, when facing the tall structure.

Finding all the Dust lore locations and collecting the gold relics isn’t too much trouble. Most players will be able to locate all the relics within a few minutes and then get straight back into the action in The Reckoning. Check out our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more collectible guides.

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