All Warmind nodes in Season of the Seraph - Destiny 2

Complete the Nodes Found Triumph in Destiny 2 by tracking down all Warmind nodes on Europa, the Moon, and Operation: Seraph's Shield.


Hidden across Europa, the Moon, and Operation: Seraph’s Shield are 16 Warmind nodes to track down. Like the nodes that came before them in Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC, these nodes reward gear specific to Season of the Seraph. Unlocking them requires collecting Resonate Stems, creating an Override Frequency, and solving a clue.

Warmind nodes: Resonate Stems & Override Frequency

Before you begin hunting for Warmind nodes, you must first create an Override Frequency. These are created using four Resonate Stems. To do this, open your Inventory and locate the Enhanced Resonance Amp you received as part of the Season of the Seraph campaign.

Hovering over the Enhanced Resonance Amp will show you how many Resonate Stems you have (you can hold a maximum of 32). Hold the appropriate button to use four Resonate Stems to create an Override Frequency. When one is made, the text on the Amp will change to a clue for the Warmind node you must find. The text consists of four words each separated by a period:


The first word always refers to the planet or destination the Warmind node can be found. The second is the area name. The name may appear on the map or might only appear when transitioning through a loading zone (like in Operation: Seraph’s Shield). The last two words are always a hint for when you reach the location.

As you get closer to the node listed in your Resonance Amp, it will begin playing classical music and your screen will get a tinted, blurred effect. The node will partially open and be spinning around. Interact with the node to make it disappear and to earn your reward.

After you find one Warmind node and open it, it will be removed from your list of nodes. This means you only need to go to each one once. Below is the location for all the Warmind nodes across the three areas.

Europa Warmind Nodes


The first Warmind node in Europa is found in Beyond, at the location where you first landed on the moon during Beyond Light. From the Beyond fast travel point in the south, go right and follow the path along to the very end. It’s a bit of a distance but you can use your Sparrow.


This Warmind node is at Charon’s Crossing, right outside the building where Variks is chilling out. Use the fast travel point and then look over the ledge to your right. There is a little ledge with two lights on it. Jump down to the ledge to find your node.


Find the node in Cadmus Ridge, right as you enter the area when coming from Charon’s Crossing. Stick to the left-hand side and look over the cliff to spot the Warmind node on a ledge below.


The Fissure Construct Warmind node can be a bit tricky to find. This one is in the center of Asterion Abyss, along the top of the chasm that leads down to the Lost Sector. There is a little room in the Vex structure that can be found by tracing a line from the golden chest marking on the map to the drawing of the structure.


The Europa.Eventide.Cliff.Refuge node is to the right of the fast travel point in the Eventide Ruins. Walk toward the cliff and look down to spot a cavern. The node is just inside.


This Warmind node is located in the buried dome in Eventide Ruins on Europa. Use the fast travel point and cross the area to the left-hand side. Go into the dome and look up at the catwalk that wraps the upper center of the dome to spot the node.

Moon Warmind Nodes


The Luna.Archer.Dome.Catwalk is located in Archer’s Line, the area to the left of Sanctuary. As you enter the area, hug the right-hand side and look for the domed building at the top of the hill. Go inside and look on the catwalk to spot the node.


This node is in Archer’s Line. Follow the chasm that has split the ground down toward the Public Event site. The node is on a ledge inside the chasm, near a destroyed vehicle.


In the Hellmouth area is a large outcropping to the north, near the path to Sorrow’s Harbor. Go underneath the outcropping and look for a little alcove. The Warmind node is floating inside.


This Warmind node is in Anchor of Light, inside the circular building you see when you enter the area from Sanctuary.


Locate this node in Sorrow’s Harbor, on the right side of the area. Look for the doorway in the wall of the Scarlet Keep that leads to a small tunnel. The node is at the end of the tunnel beside an enemy door.


This node is behind Eris in Sanctuary. Look over the edge to spot it on a little ledge.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield Warmind Nodes


The first Warmind node in Operation: Seraph’s Shield is above the second Augmentation Terminal. This is the area after you arrive at the station and crawl through the vents to hack the computers. Climb up the shaft to spot the node.


The Servers Columns Warmind node is after you get the Operator Augmentation. Unlock the door and look to the left of the room to see two doorways leading to a red section. The Warmind node is between two pillars through the furthest door.


The Foyer Hall Warmind cell is connected to the room where you fight the boss for the second time. After jumping around the outside of the space station, go back inside and defeat the boss that spawns between the four pillars. Look to the right to see a hallway with lasers that phase in and out. Go down the hallway to find the node.


The Nexus Upload Warmind node is beside the virus upload terminal after you defeat the final boss. It’s in the same room on the left. You can’t miss it.

Unlocking each Warmind node will reward you a piece of IKELOS weaponry. This is a great way to unlock the patterns for these powerful items that synergize with the Warmind Cell mods. Completing this will also earn you the Nodes Found Triumph. Stop by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more coverage from this season and more!

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