Blast Furnace god roll - Destiny 2

The most powerful Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 makes a glorious return with refreshed PvE and PvP god rolls.


During the Forsaken era of Destiny 2, Bungie released some of the most potent weapons Guardians have ever seen. Blast Furnace was formerly locked away in the Black Armory and once unleashed, it caused havoc for our enemies across the game. Arguably one of the most popular guns of its time, Blast Furnace’s new god rolls do not disappoint with its refreshed perks and top-tier stats for a Pulse Rifle.

How to get Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace is a potential reward from the chests granted upon a successful run of the game mode, Onslaught. If you are brave enough to take on the Legend version of Onslaught, Guardians will be rewarded with chests after clearing 10 waves.

Guardians can also spend their redeem the new currency, Trophies of Bravery, in the Hall of Champions at the chest next to Shaxx for further chances at Blast Furnace.

To ensure you get the highest chance at dropping a Blast Furnace, visit the Blast Furnace Attunement terminal in the Hall of Champions. Selecting Blast Furnace to attune will increase its drop chance by 50 percent.

PvP - Blast Furnace god roll

Once a menace in The Crucible, the Brave arsenal version of Blast Furnace is set to shake up the sandbox and this god roll will have your opponents scattering from your sights.

Blast Furnace god roll  - PvP
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Magazine Flared Magwell (Stability +5, Reload +15)
Perk 1 Headseeker (After dealing non-precision weapon damage: increases the precision multiplier by 0.11 and Aim Assist +10. Buff lasts 0.55 seconds. Dealing additional non-precision damage refreshes the timer)
Perk 2 Kill Clip (Upon finishing a reload within 3.6 seconds of a weapon kill: 25 percent increased damage for five seconds. Buff stays active while stowed)
Origin Trait Indomitability (Final blows grant grenade energy when playing with a Light subclass or melee energy when playing a Darkness subclass)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Targeting Adjustor (+5 Aim Assist)

Blast Furnace does start with some heavy Recoil so setting up with Arrowhead Brake is essential to keeping its shots straight and easier to stay on target. Flared Magwell is the top choice here, giving a nice Stability boost to keep shots steady and a good chunk to Reload Speed getting Guardians back into the battle faster after emptying the clip.

Blast Furnace god roll for PVP

Source: D2Foundry

Headseeker then ensures each shot counts with every burst adding Aim Assistance and precision damage for every non-precision hit. As Pulse Rifles fire in 3-round bursts, it's likely some shots will hit the body before climbing up to the head, this makes every shot landed even more potent when dueling.

Finish this god roll off with Kill Clip. Reloading after scoring a kill will add a 25 percent damage increase to the most deadly Pulse Rifle in the game, and paired with Headseeker adding even more potential precision damage, Blast Furnace will melt anything in its path with ease.

Guardians who trust their aim may opt for Rapid Hit in the final perk column with one accurate blast pushing Blast Furnace to maximum Stability, making each burst on target impossible to escape.

PvE - Blast Furnace god roll

Slow-firing Pulse Rifles are not what comes to mind when thinking of PvE but Blast Furnace is that powerful it can easily carve its way into any Guardian loadout and this PvE god roll only pushes it further.

Blast Furnace god roll  - PvE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Magazine Tactical Mag (Reload +10, Stability +5, Magazine +4)
Perk 1 Kinetic Tremors (Scoring multiple hits against a target within 3 seconds of each emits 3 damaging shockwaves from its location at the time of activation)
Perk 2 Firefly (On precision kill: target explodes, dealing 104 Solar damage in a four-meter radius. Grants Reload Speed +55 for six seconds)
Origin Trait Indomitability (Final blows grant grenade energy when playing with a Light subclass or melee energy when playing a Darkness subclass)
Masterwork Stability (+10 when fully masterworked)
Mod Major Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

Start with Arrowhead Break to control the heavy Recoil Direction, this makes each burst easy to handle and highly accurate. This Barrel also comes with Handling, which helps make Blast Furnace feel lighter when switching. Pair this with Tactical Mag for a welcome buff to Stability and Reload Speed along with an extra burst in the Magazine.

Blast Furnace god roll for PVE

Source: D2Foundry

The final two columns come with a combination only found on Blast Furnace and that makes it too good to miss out on. Kinetic Tremors cause powerful blasts to emit from the target after multiple hits which Blast Furnace will have no problem achieving with its three-round bursts. This pairs perfectly with Firefly as precision hits not only bring the shockwaves but a kill will cause a powerful explosion and increase Reload Speed significantly. Firefly also works great against low-tier mobs as these can be dispatched in one burst and the subsequent blast will incinerate any nearby enemies.

Brave Arsenal Blast Furnace is a true return to form and then some, easily seeing off the competition and retaining the crown as Destiny 2’s prime Pulse Rifle. For more Destiny 2: Into the Light guides and god roll breakdowns of every weapon in the Brave Arsenal, dive into the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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