Where is the Bergusia forge in Destiny 2?

With the Niobe Labs puzzle unlocked, Destiny 2 are free to track down the Bergusia forge location and make use of its facilities.


Destiny 2 remains a solid hitter among shooter fans largely due to the constant stream of new content and updates from the team at Bungie. The latest questline sees players search for the Bergusia forge, the fourth and final forge introduced in the Black Armory update. Unlocking it was shrouded in mystery, involving several clues and battles centered on Niobe Labs. Once the quest was complete, the path to the Bergusia forge location would at last be made clear. As of January 10th, Bungie unlocked the Bergusia forge for all players to find and play.

Where to find Bergusia forge - Niobe Labs location

The path to the Bergusia forge involves discovering the location of Niobe Labs, itself stationed on Earth. From the landing zone at Trostland in the European Dead Zone, start heading left out of the city and through the Outskirts. From there, follow the old road over the bridge and into the tunnels toward Sojourner's Camp. Cut across the camp to find a new bridge, broken in half. Jump the gap and continue along the canyon, up and over the fallen rocks and trees. On the right-hand side will be a cave entrance, head inside to find an underground location, this is the Niobe Labs. Jump to the opposite side from where you enter and approach the large door to enter the Bergusia forge.

For those that want the extra challenge, the Niobe Labs puzzle is still available to be solved. The puzzle involves using letters and other characters hidden about the lab. The entire process is lengthy, with an incorrect entry resulting in resetting progress back down to Level 1. After over 24 hours, players were only able to reach Level 7, and there's no telling how much further there is to go.

It's been quite the journey so far, and though players would have perhaps preferred to open the gates to Bergusia forge themselves, they can at least start making use of all its facilities. Bungie is always shaking up the Destiny 2 formula, so be sure to catch up on other hot coverage for the hit sci-fi shooter by heading over to our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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