How Void suppression works - Destiny 2

Learn what Void suppression means in Destiny 2 and how to use it to defeat combatants to finish bounties, like Vacuum Sealed.


Void suppression is a mechanic in Destiny 2 that has been brought into greater focus with the recent Void 3.0 update. Before then, this mechanic was basically only available to specific Titan and Hunter builds, but now more players need to understand how it works. Not only is Void suppression useful in combat, it’s needed to complete certain tasks like Zavala’s Vacuum Sealed bounty.

What is Void suppression?

destiny 2 void suppression
Suppression is a new keyword in Destiny 2. Using specific Void abilities will inhibit a foe's ability use.

Void suppression in Destiny 2 refers to any ability that suppresses an opponent. When an enemy is under the effects of this mechanic, they are unable to use any abilities, including double-jumps, grenades, Supers, and in the case of PVE combatants, shoot their weapon.

With the release of Void 3.0 at the launch of The Witch Queen, each class in Destiny 2 now has access to Void suppression, though, some have more options than others. Check out each of the Void 3.0 perks and abilities for Hunter, Titan, and Warlock for a look at each class’ individual options and any Aspects that will help make this easier. You might also want to check out our guide on all Fragments, as there are some that increase the duration of special abilities.

How to use Void suppression

The best way to use Void suppression in Destiny 2 depends on your class. However, one constant between each class is the Suppressor Grenade that suppresses an enemy when it explodes. If you haven't already, make sure you unlock all the Void grenades so you can use this one.

destiny 2 nightstalker shadowshot suppression
Shadowshot will suppress a group of enemies, it will also weaken them.

Using the Suppressor Grenade as an example, when it explodes, any opponent caught in the blast will be suppressed. For things like the Nightstalker Shadowshot, any enemy that is attached to the tether is considered suppressed.

Finally, you can tell an enemy is under the effects of Void suppression by looking for a purple glow around them. This shimmery effect tells you they are suppressed and unable to use any abilities.

Vacuum Sealed bounty

destiny 2 vacuum sealed void suppression
Zavala's Vacuum Sealed bounty requires players to kill foes that are under the effect of Void suppression.

When completing bounties like Zavala’s Vacuum Sealed bounty, you will want to focus on using as many abilities that suppress your enemies as you can. During Season of the Risen, the Seasonal Artifact includes a mod called Suppressing Glaive, which suppresses a combatant whenever you damage them with a glaive. Keep in mind, anything that dies from an attack before the debuff is applied will not count towards the bounty's total. That means if a Thrall dies from the explosion of a grenade, it won't count towards your point total.

If your only option is to use a grenade, try to use weapons that have Demolitionist or increase your Discipline armor stat so you can quickly charge another one. Ideally, you would use a Hunter’s Shadowshot to tether a large group of foes.

For a lot of players, Void suppression will be a new term thanks to the release of Void 3.0. Utilizing this suppression mechanic will ensure you shut enemies down, preventing them from using abilities (useful against the Lightbearer Hive) and otherwise increasing your killing potential. Stop by our Destiny 2 Guide for more mechanic explanations and weapon recommendations.

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