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All Fragments and best ones to use - Destiny 2

Keep track of all the Fragments in Destiny 2 and which ones you should be using.


Fragments are a new type of ability modifier in Destiny 2. Introduced with the Beyond Light expansion in 2020, Fragments drastically improve player builds and allow them to fine-tune their playstyle. With so many to choose from, and only being able to unlock them one at a time, picking the right one to unlock and the best ones to use can be tough. And now, with the release of The Witch Queen, there are Stasis Fragments and Void Fragments. Let’s see what’s on offer and what you should be equipping.

All Stasis Fragments

destiny 2 all fragments

There are quite a few Stasis Fragments for players to unlock in Destiny 2. As the game continues to expand and evolve, players should likely expect more to be added to the sandbox. Below are all the Stasis Fragments currently available in the game.

Stasis Fragments
Fragment Effect Stat change
Whisper of Hedrons Dramatically increases weapon stability, weapon aim assist, Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery after freezing a target with Stasis. -10 Strength
Whisper of Fissures Increases the damage and size of the burst of Stasis when you destroy a Stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target.
Whisper of Refraction Defeating slowed or frozen targets grants you class ability energy.
Whisper of Durance Slow from your abilities lasts longer. For those abilities that linger, their duration will also increase. +10 Strength
Whisper of Bonds Defeating frozen targets grants you Super energy. -10 Intellect
-10 Discipline
Whisper of Shards Shattering a Stasis crystal temporarily boosts your grenade recharge rate. Shattering additional Stasis crystals increases the duration of this benefit. +10 Resilience
Whisper of Chains While you are near frozen targets or a friendly Stasis crystal, you take reduced damage from targets. +10 Recovery
Whisper of Torment You gain grenade energy each time you take damage from combatants.
Whisper of Fractures Your melee energy recharges faster when you are near two or more targets. -10 Discipline
Whisper of Impetus Damaging targets with a Stasis melee reloads your stowed weapons and grants you a temporary boost to weapon ready speed.
Whisper of Conduction Nearby Stasis shards track to your position.

+10 Resilience
+10 Intellect

Whisper of Rending Kinetic weapons do increased damage to Stasis crystals and frozen targets.

Whisper of Hunger Increases the melee energy gained from picking up Stasis shards.

-10 Mobility
-10 Recovery

Whisper of Rime Collecting a Stasis shard grants a small amount of overshield, which falls off after 10 seconds. Collecting additional shards adds to the overshield and refreshes the timer.

All Void Fragments

With the release of The Witch Queen in 2022 came Void 3.0, which introduced Void Fragments. These enhance how you build and use your Void subclass, improving and tweaking different areas.

Void Fragments
Fragment Effect Stat change
Echo of Starvation Picking up an Orb of Power grants Devour -10 Recovery
Echo of Persistence Void buffs applied to you (Invisibility, Overshield, and Devour) have increased duration. -10 Recovery
Echo of Explusion Void ability final blows cause targets to explode. +10 Intellect
Echo of Reprisal Final blows when surrounded by combatants grant Super energy.
Echo of Provision Damaging targets with grenades grants melee energy. -10 Strength
Echo of Exchange Melee final blows grant grenade energy.
Echo of Remnants Your lingering grenade effects (Vortex Grenade, Void Wall, Void Spike, and Axion Bolt) have increased duration.
Echo of Undermining Your Void grenades weaken targets. -20 Discipline
Echo of Leeching Melee final blows start health regeneration for you and nearby allies. +10 Resilience
Echo of Domineering After suppressing a target, you gain greatly increased Mobility for a short duration and your equipped weapon is reloaded from reserves. +10 Discipline
Echo of Dilation While crouched, you sneak faster and gain enhanced radar resolution. +10 Mobility
+10 Intellect
Echo of Instability Defeating targets with grenades grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons. +10 Strength
Echo of Harvest Defeating weakened targets with precision final blows will create an Orb of Power. -10 Intellect
Echo of Obscurity Finisher final blows grant Invisibility. +10 Recovery

Best Fragments to use

Depending on what class you’re playing, the best Fragments for you may change slightly. However, there are some undeniably fantastic choices, especially for your first unlocks.

  • Whisper of Hedrons
  • Whisper of Bonds

Whisper of Hedrons is the obvious pick and one of the best Fragments in Destiny 2. This Fragment boosts your weapon damage whenever you freeze an enemy with Stasis. By using Stasis abilities, you’re practically always freezing enemies which means you ought to always have this damage buff active. In a boss fight, the extra damage can certainly help get some teams over the line.

destiny 2 all fragments whisper of bonds

Whisper of Bonds synergizes quite well with Whisper of Hedrons as destroying a frozen target grants Super energy. Freeze targets to get the damage buff and destroy them to get Super energy. You’ll then be throwing out your Super, which freezes enemies once more. It’s a beautiful cycle.

Another option some players may want to explore is Whisper of Refraction. This Fragment does what Bonds does but for your Class ability.

Though it might sound good, Whisper of Shards is actually more difficult to proc. The reason for this is that few abilities actually create Stasis crystals. For example, the Glacier Grenade and Salvation’s Grip are some of the only ways of creating Stasis crystals. If you are able to create a lot of crystals, consider coupling Shards with Whisper of Fissures to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

destiny 2 thermal overload
Whisper of Endurance isn't the most useful but it could pair well with some abilities and mods.

Then there’s Whisper of Endurance, which increases the slow effect and keeps lingering abilities around for longer. This is good, but not great. It may be useful for the Duskfield Grenade whenever the Thermal Overload and Surge Eater mods are available.

Season of the Chosen added four new Fragments for players to unlock. Out of all available options, the only one that doesn’t seem as immediately beneficial as the others is Whisper of Impetus. The reason why Impetus might not be a top choice is that it requires a fully charged Stasis melee to proc, at which point your stowed weapons are reloaded. This is useful, but not as much as the others.

Whisper of Torment ensures that taking damage from enemies has a positive effect in that it charges your grenade. Meanwhile, Chains reduces how much damage you take when near frozen enemies. This is no doubt useful when there are a lot of enemies on the field. The final one, Fractures, has your melee recharging faster when near two or more enemies – this might pair well with Impetus for those punchy Titans.

As Fragments are added, the variety of builds available to Stasis-users is only going to grow. As for the other subclasses, we could see them reworked to offer Fragments of their own in the future. For now, though, start exploring the Fragments in Destiny 2 and create the best build for you. Sparrow over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more insights into builds and weapon recommendations.

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