How to unlock Prismatic abilities, Aspects & Fragments - Destiny 2

Complete your Prismatic subclass by unlocking all of its abilities, Aspects, and Fragments.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape brought with it a brand new subclass in the form of Prismatic. Each class can harness the power of Light and Darkness in one package with Prismatic, but not all of the abilities will be unlocked straight away. It’s simple enough to do, but you will need to unlock new abilities, Fragments, and Aspects as you go.

How to fully unlock Prismatic

The Prismatic reward chest in The Final Shape

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New Prismatic abilities, Aspects, and Fragments are unlocked as you progress through The Final Shape campaign. During missions, you might clear a tough encounter and be rewarded with some loot chests, one of these might be a Prismatic reward. You can tell it’s a Prismatic chest as it will be golden with wispy, Prismatic energy emanating from it. After the campaign, you will unlock additional Prismatic abilities by completing quests, such as those found while doing Destined Heroes (Lost in the Light and Foud in the Dark). 

However, most of the Prismatic Fragments will be found after completing Micah-10's quest, Alone in the Dark. You'll need to complete Cyst missions to earn Memory Vestige: Light. Additionally, some Fragments are found by solving puzzles throughout The Pale Heart. Here is where you can find every single Fragment.

Facet of Bravery

x-Rumpo-x on Cortex

Facet of Bravery is unlocked in the Ascent campaign mission. Climb up the mountain until you get past Cayde and Crow. From here, keep moving but be on the lookout for wreckage of a plane that is lying across your path. When you spot the plane, jump over the edge to the plane below it to find the chest.

Facet of Devotion

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Facet of Devotion is in the Dissent mission, immediately after the final boss when the level starts falling apart. Climb up the stairs to the ledge and then go to the very back of the path to find a chest behind a pillar.

Facet of Sacrifice

x-Rumpo-x on Cortex

Facet of Sacrifice is in the Iconoclasm mission, right at the end after you climb up the giant icon of The Witness and see the statue of the dissected War Beast. Instead of going right, go left into the side room and look up at the wall. There will be small white lights that highlight a hole in the wall. Reach it by jumping from the door – the chest is at the end.

Facet of Solitude - Memory: Impasse Darkness

Go to the top-right part of the Impasse and look over the corner of the map.
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The chest is tucked down on a lower ledge.
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To get the Facet of Solitude, you must collect five Memory Vestige: Darkness. These are acquired by solving chest puzzles throughout The Pale Heart. The chests are not marked on your HUD, so you will need to find them manually. Interact with the chest to begin the puzzle (it might be something like going through checkpoints within a time limit). Once you have five, it will turn into a complete Memory that will point you in the right direction. Facet of Solitude is in the Impasse, in the top-right corner of the map, over the edge.

Facet of Honor - Memory: Divisive Darkness

The top of the mountain in The Pale Heart

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The chest containing the Facet of Honor

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As above, Facet of Honor requires you to collect five Memory Vestige: Darkness. Facet of Honor is at the top of the snowy mountain you climbed during the Ascent mission, but it’s only available in Patrol. You will need to walk here from The Blooming or from The Impasse. Just keep climbing until you reach the top and then look over the side to spot the Prismatic chest on a ledge.

Facet of Dominance - Memory: Seclusion of Light

A chest behind a waterfall containing the Facet of Dominance

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Facet of Dominance is unlocked in a similar manner to the previous two, but this time you will need five Memory Vestige: Light. These are acquired during the Alone in the Dark quest given to you by Micah-10 (which is offered after you complete her Convalescence quests). They are available during the Cyst missions. Once you have five, it will become a Legendary version of the item called Memory: Seclusion of Light, which will point you to a specific spot in The Pale Heart in The Seclusion area (Zavala’s home). The chest is at the rear of the area, near the waterfall behind the logs.

Facet of Awakening - Memory: Refractions of Light

The Facet of Awakening chest on branches in the Refraction area

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Facet of Awakening is from Memory: Refractions of Light (remember, you’ll need to get five Memory Vestige: Light to make this). This Fragment is in The Refractions area, up high in the trees that are knotted together in the middle of the map (this is the same location you visited during the campaign and the Queens mission while you unlocked Ergo Sum)

Facet of Generosity - Memory: Blooming of Light

The Facet of Generosity chest in the roots of the seed tree in The Blooming area

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Facet of Generosity is from the Memory: Blooming of Light, which you acquire by collecting five Memory Vestige: Light from Cyst missions. This chest is in The Blooming, around the roots of the seed of Silver Wings tree in the middle of the map.

Facet of Mending

Facet of Mending is unlocked in Patrol on The Pale Heart by finding four Ghosts that are hidden in the area to the left side of the map, behind The Lost City. Head to Micah-10 and travel across the rooftops until you reach the alley and marketplace section.

Ghost 1

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The first Ghost is on top of a sign, just behind a little awning with flowers and vines on it. 

Ghost 2

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The second Ghost is in the section where you first encountered the Dread flying units. It is behind the stairs, on some crates.

Ghost 3

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The third Ghost is on the doorframe as you reach the outdoor area.

Ghost 4

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The last Ghost is on the metal structure, near the joint on the left.

Stand on the plate to charge it up and defeat all the enemies that appear.
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Once you have all four, keep following the path to reach a fight with some Hive. Defeat the bosses, pick up the items they drop, and pop open the chest.

Facet of Grace

Head to the area behind Micah-10 to find the area pictured here. There is a Gordian Weaver to your right, another to your left, and the last one across the platforms to the upper-right.
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Here is another angle of the main area. Once the three Gordian Weavers are dead, return to the center and defeat the boss.
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Facet of Grace is behind Micah-10, in the outdoor area on the roofs. Head outside, go to the right and defeat a powerful enemy. Now do the same on the other side of the area. A third Gordian Weaver is sort of right-diagonally from where you entered. Once all three are defeated, return to the center area, defeat the Subjugator and Tormentor, and then head to where you defeated the first Gordian Weaver to claim your chest.

Facet of Command

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Facet of Command is in the Divide area. Walk through the wall until you spot the chest, but it will be locked and requires a Divided Prismatic Key. There’s a Fallen terminal through a hole in the wall that drops a Scorch Cannon when you interact with it. In the same room are three generators that must be charged up by depositing elemental charges.

Use the Scorch Cannon to blow up the ice chunks to find the elemental charges.
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Hidden around the cold and icy areas are piles of ice that drop elemental charges. You must use the Scorch Cannon to blow them up. Deposit the charges at the generators to get the machines up to 10, if you overcharge it, the elemental orbs will be ejected. Arc is worth 2, Solar is worth 3, and Void is worth 4. Defeat the boss, grab the key, and then open the chest.

Facet of Defiance

Stay along the left-hand wall until you find the cave with the seed that grants you Shielded from Darkness.
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Activate the node inside and then destroy the Acolyte Eyes.
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Facet of Defiance in the Transgression area. Hug the left-hand wall until you locate a cave that has the seed which grants you the Shielded from Darkness. Deep in the cave will be a puzzle requiring you to destroy Acolyte Eyes in order to defeat the enemies. The eyes will spawn all throughout the cave. Keep destroying them until the Heart of Malice Tormentor appears. Defeat the Tormentor, grab its Transgressive Prismatic Key, and open the chest.

Facet of Justice

You must deposit the Solar crystals in the symbols shown in the center of the room. Start with the top symbol.
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The symbols only appear if someone is holding the Solar crystal while on the upper level.
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Facet of Justice is in The Refraction area, at the top of the map. In the circular room overlooking the area will be the chest along with a Solar crystal. You must deposit the crystals on the plates that match the three symbols by the window. Stand on the balcony to see the symbols. Once all three are slammed, defeat the bosses and pop open your chest for the last Fragment!

Take a look at this helpful video by Datto if you're struggling to locate some of these Prismatic chests or solve the puzzles. Remember that you can update your Prismatic subclass as you unlock more abilities. Swap in grenades that make sense for you and try out new combinations of melees. You’ll eventually unlock the new Super, which will become available in its core subclass too. Swing by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help.

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