Bungie details new Arc 3.0 Supers & Aspects in Destiny 2

Arc 3.0's official launch in Destiny 2 is fast approaching and we got a load of details about the changes and new features coming.


Destiny is fast approaching one of the final chapters of its major rework to subclass elements. Void and Solar subclasses have already received their “3.0” overhauls, and Stasis was already there. That left only Arc, and Bungie has finally gone into detail about what’s coming with the Arc 3.0 overhaul, including sharing what new Supers and Aspects, and Fragments are coming for the class.

Bungie shared details on the upcoming features of Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2 via a blog post on the game’s website posted on August 17, 2022. According to the post, Arc 3.0 is getting quite a suite of changes and upgrades to bring it in line with what’s going on with the other 3.0 subclasses. Notable in the post was the sharing of new Aspects and Supers for which players will be able to customize their Arc 3.0 loadout and make it their own. This comes alongside standard features like the Amplified status, which lets a Guardian move faster and change weapons quicker after a kill made with Arc energy. It’s also worth noting that Hunters is getting their Blink ability back with Arc 3.0.

A Titan class from Destiny 2 using its Arc Super.
Supers and Aspects are changing quite a bit for Destiny 2's Arc 3.0 overhaul.
Source: Bungie

Here are revealed Aspects and Supers, as broken down by class.



Arc Staff: Hunters can temporarily wield their Arc Staff to block and deflect incoming gunfire, including being able to do an armored dodge that increases resistance to all damage for a brief period.

Gathering Storm: The Hunter leaps into the air and throws their Arc Staff down, spearing enemies hit or the ground and releasing a pulse of Arc energy that damage enemies in the vicinity before a big lightning strike causes a major damage field for a few seconds around the staff.




Chaos Reach: Players shoot concentrated beams of Arc energy out of their hands, zapping and obliterating opponents hit by the beam.

Stormtrance: Warlocks float around with electricity flowing from their hands, zapping enemies caught in the forward-facing cone. There is also shockwave damage in a zone underneath the Warlock and they can teleport briefly while using the Super.




Fist of Havoc: The Titan jumps forward, slamming the ground with Arc energy, destroying opponents in an AOE burst before leaving a lingering field of Arc that damages opponents passing through for a little while after.

Thundercrash: The Titan flies through the air and then comes down with a massive Arc energy explosion, damaging nearby enemies in a massive AOE attack.


That covers the Supers and Aspects as they will be in Destiny 2’s Arc 3.0 overhaul. There’s plenty of further changes coming in the overhaul as well. With Solar 3.0 and Void 3.0 behind us, it will be an exciting time for Arc fans looking to be on par with fellow overhauled subclasses. Stay tuned for further Destiny 2 coverage and check out our guides and walkthroughs for all of your Guardian needs!

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