How to get the One of Us emblem - Destiny 2

Here's how you can get the One of Us emblem in Destiny 2, but you better act fast.


Players started to see other Guardians walking around with the One of Us emblem in Destiny 2 recently. It’s a fine-looking emblem, which has many players trying to figure out how to get it. Thankfully, getting the One of Us emblem is quite simple, assuming you give Jeff Bezos money over on Amazon.

How to get the One of Us emblem

One of Us Emblem Destiny 2

The One of Us emblem in Destiny 2 is obtained by claiming the Prime Gaming Loot drop from Destiny 2. This drop is called Destiny 2: Hard Light Exotic Bundle. Within that drop are several items, including the Hard Light Exotic Auto Rifle, an ornament for it, and the One of Us exclusive seasonal emblem. To claim the drop, you need to be an Amazon Prime member and link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch Prime. Once you do this, you can claim the bundle and pick up the items from Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar. The emblem will be delivered directly to the inventory of the Guardian you’re using when you visit Amanda, so you can equip it without digging through your Collections for it.

Hard Light Exotic Bundle Twitch Prime Destiny 2

You’re likely to see quite a few One of Us emblems in the coming days. Many Guardians have Twitch Prime, and these drops take place every month. In fact, drops are planned throughout the entirety of 2022, so you can pick up new weapons, ornaments, and even fancy emblems all year long. If you’re worried you won’t remember, you can follow @Shacknews on Twitter, and we’ll shoot out a PSA every time one of these bundles goes live.

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