Destiny 2 - Where to Find Vex Fanatics

The best place to kill a lot of Vex Fanatics in Destiny 2.


There are a lot of enemies to kill in Destiny 2, but sometimes they can be difficult to track down when you need to kill a specific unit. One such enemy that can be a bit elusive is the Vex Fanatic, the headless Vex that charge at you and explode, leaving a pool of Radiolarian fluid on the ground.

Where to find Vex Fanatics in Destiny 2

Vex Fanatics, as the name suggests, are Vex units, and as such, can be found wherever there are Vex. With the addition of Curse of Osiris, Vex can now be found on Nessus, Io, and Mercury. A good way of finding large groups of these Fanatics is to do Public Events on Nessus, specifically the Vex Plate event, as Fanatics can spawn throughout the entire fight.

You can also go spelunking through some of the Vex-specific Lost Sectors, as Fanatics tend to spawn in large amounts deep within these cave systems.

However, one way you are guaranteed to earn the necessary Vex Fanatic kills is to play the Meditation that Ikora Rey offers, called “Six”. Unfortunately, Ikora’s stock of Meditations rotates, so you may find yourself waiting a while for this one to appear.

The mission involves you helping out Cayde-6 on Nessus, which ends up being a lot of Vex killing. Part of the way through the mission, you’ll enter a large chamber and an alarming amount of Vex will begin spawning. At this point, the majority of these will be Vex Fanatics, so you should have the amount of kills you require in no time.

Finally, you could always play through The Inverted Spire Strike, because at the very end during the boss fight, a tonne of Fanatics spawn and rush the small arena. It will take a bit of luck, but it’s a good method if you’re playing Strikes anyway.

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