How to get Tarrabah in Destiny 2

Learn how to get Tarrabah, the Exotic Submachine Gun in Destiny 2, a unique and limited drop exclusive to a single activity.


Tarrabah is a brand new Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 which was added with the Season of Opulence. This Submachine Gun is great at mowing through low-tier enemies, but unfortunately it’s a bit tricky to acquire. Read on to discover how to get Tarrabah so you can fill out your collection.

How to get Tarrabah

Unlocking Tarrabah in Destiny 2 is simple: it drops from the chest in the final encounter in the Crown of Sorrow raid. Unfortunately, much like many Exotic weapons in the game and other god-roll guns, Tarrabah is a random drop, meaning it’s entirely up to luck whether or not you get it.

unlock Tarrabah Destiny 2
The chest after Gahlran is the only place Tarrabah can drop.

What this means is that you will need to complete the raid numerous times until you get it. There is no way to boost your odds of receiving it as it’s all up to chance. Thankfully, the final encounter is going to be easier to complete these days due to the Contest Mode being switched off.

For those who have yet to do the raid, or need a few notes, check out the Crown of Sorrow raid guide, which details each encounter including the final boss, Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to complete every encounter to get Tarrabah, you only need to beat the boss. So if you drop into a group that’s up to the boss, give it a shot.

The only way to improve the chances of you getting the new Crown of Sorrow raid Exotic is to play it on multiple characters. It’s important that these characters are different classes, as running an activity a second time on a character of the same class will result in no loot being dropped.

Tarrabah perks

how to get Tarrabah Destiny 2
Tarrabah's main perk, Ravenous Beast, can be activated once you deal or receive enough damage.

Tarrabah also comes with some interesting perks. Given that it’s a Submachine Gun, Tarrabah has a fast rate of fire, which makes it great at shredding through enemies. Though with its perk setup, you can increase its power considerably:

  • Ravenous Beast: This weapon stores power when dealing or receiving damage. Once full, hold reload to unleash the beast.
  • Bottomless Appetite: Dealing continuous damage extends the duration of Ravenous Beast.

How Tarrabah's perks work is relatively simple. Whether you’re dealing or taking damage, Tarrabah stores this energy. Once it is full, you can hold reload to “unleash the beast”. This seems to increase its damage and rate of fire, though no specifics are given in the description. When this mode is active, dealing continuous damage keeps this effect going.

Unfortunately, Tarrabah’s Ravenous Beast only stores the energy when you have the weapon in your hands. As soon as you swap to another gun, you lose all the energy you had stored. This severely limits your combat options. Until Bungie changes this, it’s unlikely that Tarrabah will be a top pick, especially over SMGs like The Recluse.

Knowing how to get Tarrabah in Destiny 2 is just the first hurdle, the second is actually getting the thing to drop. But with multiple runs a week on different classes, you should have it unlocked in no time at all. For more weapon guides, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide, which covers all of the Exotics in the game as well as top-tier lists for various weapons.

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