Visions of Confluence god roll - Destiny 2

Get yourself a Visions of Confluence god roll in Destiny 2, or one that matches the original, and start enjoying long-range combat.


Visions of Confluence is another Vault of Glass weapon that has been introduced to Destiny 2. This Scout Rifle sits in the Energy slot, deals Solar damage, and offers quite a few interesting perks. Be on the lookout for a Visions of Confluence god roll, as it can mean the difference between dismantling it and keeping it around for a good time.

Visions of Confluence god roll

destiny 2 visions of confluence god roll
The Curated Roll in Collections is pretty close to a god roll Visions of Confluence. If you weren't interested in Zen Moment, Rewind Rounds would be the other option.

At the time of writing, other than Dead Man’s Tale, there aren’t a lot of reasons to use Scout Rifles in PVP content. They certainly have their uses in PVE, such as dealing with Harpies during the Atheon encounter in Vault of Glass, but outside of that, there are other weapons that outperform them. In saying this, Visions of Confluence is a Scout Rifle that manages to feel pretty good to use, even if it’s not necessarily a meta option during Season of the Splicer.

As far as a Visions of Confluence god roll goes, it’s going to mainly be about boosting its damage potential so you’re not wasting too much time focused on a single combatant. Thankfully, there are some perks to help with this.

One thing worth noting is that the Firefly perk is able to generate Warmind Cells, a saving grace for a Scout Rifle that might be outclassed.

Visions of Confluence PVE god roll

The Curated Roll for Visions of Confluence comes with Zen Moment and Firefly, which help reign in its Stability, create AoE damage, and increase its Reload Speed stat. However, there are some other options for a PVE god roll.

  • Barrel: Smallbore (Range +7, Stability +7)
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds (Range +5, Stability +10)
  • Perk 1: Rewind Rounds
  • Perk 2: Firefly

With Smallbore and Ricochet Rounds, you’re able to bring Vision’s Stability and Range stats up a little bit without sacrificing on other areas. This makes it a bit more accurate and capable of dealing damage at further ranges.

For the first perk, Rewind Rounds is pretty solid if you’re able to land the hits. It means you avoid a lot of downtime reloading. An alternative might be Zen Moment, which if you get, means you might prefer Barrel and Magazine perks that focus on Handling and Range to make it a bit more snappy.

For the final perk, Firefly is great. Unlike the lesser Dragonfly, Firefly actually increases reload speed as well as creating an explosion. As mentioned above, this explosion can generate Warmind Cells. Really, the available perks are all fairly decent for PVE – you can’t really go wrong. Disruption Break is great for the bonus Kinetic damage after popping a shield, Frenzy and Kill Clip offer increased damage, Thresh is great for generating more Super, and Full Auto means you don’t need to keep clicking.

Overall, the only perks you wouldn’t want to use in PVE are Tunnel Vision and Killing Wind. Wellspring and Surplus are both okay, but it’s more enjoyable to see perks that have a direct cause and effect.

Visions of Confluence PVP god roll

destiny 2 visions of confluence
This is not a god roll Visions of Confluence. This is my roll, and it's trash. Disruption Break is okay, but only if you can follow it up with good Kinetic weapon fire.

I’m not too sure why you’d be using Visions of Confluence in PVP, at least during Season of the Splicer, but if you want to, here are some perks you might consider.

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel (Stability +5, Handling +15)
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds (Range +5, Stability +10)
  • Perk 1: Killing Wind
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip

Fluted Barrel is a good option as it will help with the Stability stat and make the ADS speed a bit more snappy thanks to the boost to Handling. If you don’t mind the current speed, you could always opt for something that improves the Stability a bit more, like Polygonal Rifling.

For the Magazine, Ricochet Rounds offer that nice boost to both Range and Stability. Range isn’t super critical, but the knockback effect of High-Caliber Rounds could be a good alternative. What you don’t want is something that boosts the magazine but slows the gun down.

For the first column, it should come as no surprise that Killing Wind makes an appearance. This is just a great perk that makes guns feel better than they usually do. Rewind Rounds might be an option for those players that can string multiple kills together.

The final perk should likely be Kill Clip. This perk grants a nice, if only small and temporary, boost to damage after you reload after a kill. The other options, like Disruption Break, are more tailored toward PVE play. However, Firefly is certainly fun when it damages groups of opponents.

How to get Visions of Confluence

destiny 2 visions of confluence drop location
Visions of Confluence can be earned from three encounters in Vault of Glass.

Visions of Confluence drops from three encounters in the Vault of Glass raid. It can drop from the Conflux, Oracles, and the Templar fight. This gives players a total of nine possible chances to get one provided they have three characters.

Overall, Visions of Confluence is a pretty fun Scout Rifle to use in PVE provided you have a god roll. In saying this, out of all the Vault of Glass weapons that sit in the Energy slot, you’re likely going to opt for Found Verdict or Vex Mythoclast, if you can get one of them. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more weapon god roll recommendations.

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