Unlock Still Hunt, Wild Card quest - Destiny 2

Unlock Still Hunt, Wild Card quest - Destiny 2


Wild Card is a post-campaign quest in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. This quest rewards the Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle, which is basically a free Golden Gun for every class in the game. It’s a quick quest to complete, but there is a lot of running around you’ll need to do.

Wild Card quest for Still Hunt

Cayde-6 offers the Wild Card quest

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The Wild Card quest is available after completing The Final Shape campaign. You must first pick up and complete a few steps of the quest, Destined Heroes, before you can get Wild Card from Cayde-6 in the Tower in the Pale Heart. Wild Card rewards the new Exotic Sniper Rifle, Still Hunt.

From the Tower in the Pale Heart, jump down to the banner below you and start the mission. After Cayde and Crow stop talking, head to the waypoint and investigate. Keep following the waypoint, investigate the area, and defeat enemies. You’ll need to set up a little camp site for Crow and then get back to killing enemies and collecting the Dark Ether they drop.

A large war beast in a cavern

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Once that’s done, follow the waypoint into a cavern where there will be a Rally Banner flag. Here you must defeat a large War Beast. Each time you remove a chunk of its health, it will flee to a shielded area of the cave. Defeat the enemies, deal damage to the War Beast, and follow it again. Repeat this until it’s dealt with.

Return to the campsite and listen to the conversation with Cayde-6 and Crow. Then, meditate in the tent.

A large taken blight with enemies around it

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There will now be four Taken blights in the area you need to destroy. To do this, defeat all the Taken enemies around the blights and it will dissipate. When the first four are destroyed, two more will appear along with Subjugators. Defeat the enemies around the Blights and then return to the campsite and speak with Crow.

A waypoint highlighting a small ledge over the side of a cliff

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Meditate again and then head to the waypoint. It’s over the edge of a cliff, in a little cave. Use the shortcut to reach the stake out location.

A giant shank in the wild card mission

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Wait around until Shanks start to appear, at which point you can destroy them to summon the Megashank. Deal damage to it until it goes immune and then clear more Shanks. It will eventually lose its shield and you can damage it again. Continue this process until it’s destroyed.

Head back to camp using the shortcut and listen to the conversation. Activate the waypoint behind you to continue with the mission.

a scorn abomination in a small cavern

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You will now be in a small cavern where you’ll need to defeat a Scorn Abomination. Deal damage to it while clearing out the smaller enemies. When it retreats, kill Screeb and deposit the Dark Ether they drop into the canister. Once 10 units are deposited, the boss will come back. Repeat the process until it’s defeated.

Listen to the chat at the campfire and then head to the Tower where you can listen to another chat on the radio. Finally, return to Cayde-6 by the crates to unlock Still Hunt.

Still Hunt perks

The Still Hunt perks

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Still Hunt comes with three perks that appear to be rather Exotic in nature. Here’s what you can expect from your shiny new Exotic Sniper Rifle.

  • Golden Munitions: This magazine gains bonus ammo whenever a Golden Gun shot is acquired.
  • Sharpshooter: This weapon gains passive bonuses to target acquisition, aim down sight speed, and flinch resistance. The bonus increases when this weapon’s super mode is active.
  • Cayde’s Retribution: Pick up Orbs of Power or land precision hits to charge this weapon’s Super bar. Once full, long-press reload to fire Golden Gun shots.

For those Hunters out there that love Celestial Nighthawk, there’s some good news: it affects Still Hunt. Pop your Super for a super-charged Golden Gun shot and then activate Still Hunt for another!

Still Hunt is an interesting new Exotic Sniper Rifle that basically gives all classes a Golden Gun. Take the time to complete the Wild Card quest, which will put you in a good position to tackle some of the other Exotic quests. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information.

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