Destiny 2: The Final Shape campaign walkthrough

A complete guide for The Final Shape campaign including mission list and Legendary version tips.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape campaign is the climax of a decade-long story about the Light and Darkness. This campaign will see players facing off against the ultimate evil in the franchise, The Witness, and attempt to stop it from enacting its grand plan. As a traditional campaign experience, players can expect there to be a handful of missions playable back-to-back, but this time there is a big difference: a raid that sets in motion the final confrontation for all players.

Use the following links to jump to the relevant mission in The Final Shape

  1. Mission 1: Transmigration
  2. Mission 2: Temptation
  3. Mission 3: Exegesis
  4. Mission 4: Requiem
  5. Mission 5: Ascent
  6. Strike: Liminality
  7. Mission 6: Dissent
  8. Mission 7: Iconoclasm

Be Brave or Become Legend

A screen showing a Final Shape campaign choice between Normal or Legend difficulty.

Like previous campaigns, The Final Shape campaign will have two difficulty options: Normal and Legend. When you first load in, you will need to choose which difficulty you want by selecting the relevant tile: Be Brave or Become Legend. For experienced players, Become Legend is the best option as it will guarantee you will leave the campaign with 1960 Power, a piece of Exotic armor, and Upgrade Modules.

The Normal version of the campaign is great if you just want to experience the story. It won’t have any of the difficulty modifiers either, like limited revives. You will be able to get more Power by completing other activities after the campaign and there will be other ways to acquire any Exotic items rewarded on the other difficulty. In saying this, if you can manage it, Become Legend is the way to go.

Mission 1: Transmigration

The first mission in Destiny 2: The Final Shape begins with you entering the Traveler via the connection created thanks to the efforts of Crow, Mara, yourself, and even Riven's fifteenth wish.

  • Power cap: Activity Power Disabled
  • Normal Modifiers: None
  • Legendary Modifiers: Chaff, Galvanized, Multiplicity, Epitaph

This mission introduces the node mechanic from the Root of Nightmares. Stand in the node and shoot it to make platforms appear, but they won’t be tangible. In order to make them physical, you must locate a powerful enemy, defeat it, and take its Icon of Darkness to the node and shoot it. You will need to solve this sort of puzzle a few times throughout the mission.

The path forward will also be blocked by barriers. You must find and destroy three resonant nodes hidden in the immediate area to clear the path forward.

After you pass into the Traveler, you’ll need to fight your way into a version of the Tower. You’ll need to clear Darkness locks on a door by defeating strong enemies and bringing back the item they drop. As usual, expect plenty of resistance from Taken and Dread forces.

Once you make it to the Tower, you’ll earn Prismatic and then you can put it to the test in the courtyard against a Subjugator.

Mission 2: Temptation

The second mission in The Final Shape is Temptation. This mission has you tracking down Crow and kicks off with some easy puzzles in The Pale Heart. The video embed above will server as a complete mission walkthrough without commentary. The gameplay is on the Legendary difficulty but will also work for anyone playing the campaign on Normal difficulty.

  • Power cap: Activity Power Disabled
  • Normal Modifiers: None
  • Legendary Modifiers: Chaff, Galvanized, Multiplicity, Pestilence

Fight your way toward the waypoint where you’ll find a barrier with three beams – you must find three conduit puzzles around the area and solve them.

To solve a conduit puzzle, the arm of the device must align with the beam of light along its edge. To move the arm requires depositing Psionic Insight into the device. The number of charges you have will move the arm that number of nodes. Depositing on one side will push the arm one way and the other side will push it the other way. The first device only needs you to do this once, the second device has you moving the arm twice, and the third device has you doing it three times.

Look for the Psions that spawn in the area and defeat as many as you need in order to push the arm around the face of the dial.

Once all three puzzles are solved, you can return to the barrier where you’ll be fighting a bunch of enemies. Clear them out and explore the caves to find Crow.

Mission 3: Exegesis

The third mission in The Final Shape campaign is Exegesis. This mission has you tracking down Ikora, who has crash landed in the Pale Heart.

  • Power cap: Activity Power Disabled
  • Normal Modifiers: None
  • Legendary Modifiers: Chaff, Galvanized, Multiplicity, Fire Pit

This mission utilizes a similar mote mechanic from the Prophecy dungeon and the Aegis Relic from Vault of Glass. Throughout this mission you will need to activate plates by collecting three motes of the same time and dunking them. Defeating the named Knights in the area will cause them to drop Dark modes and defeating them with the Relic will cause them to drop Light motes.

You will need to do this a couple of times throughout the mission, but the puzzling one will be where you must activate four founts. You must do them in the correct order. For us, the correct order was on the right hand side at the far back of the room and then rotating clockwise.

Once cleared, you’ll be using the Relic’s Super ability to knock the shield off of a giant Ogre and then fighting the same Ogre in a small cavern. During the fight, you’ll need to deposit motes of Light and Dark like you did for the puzzles earlier in the mission.

Mission 4: Requiem

The fourth mission in Destiny 2: The Final Shape is Requiem.

  • Power cap: Activity Power Disabled
  • Normal Modifiers: None
  • Legendary Modifiers: Chaff, Galvanized, Multiplicity, Hot Knife

The fourth mission in The Final Shape campaign is called Requiem and it tasks you with tracking down Zavala.

The start of this mission introduces a symbol memory mechanic. Approach the barrier and shoot the node to get a buff called Glyphtouched – this will cause enemies to spawn in. Defeat the enemies and a symbol will appear near where you killed them. Go back to the barrier and stand in the symbol that matches the one you just saw. If done correctly, text will appear on-screen saying: A Warder’s glyph has been nullified. Repeat the process up the hill at the big symbol on the wall.

Work your way through the tunnels to reach a new a new cavern. You’ll need to repeat the process of getting the Glyphtouched buff and clearing enemies. This time, you will need to remember two symbols. This fight can get quite hectic with all he traps, so be careful.

The end of this encounter sees you fight an Imprint of Nezarec Tormentor. You can blind it with grenades to better control its movement or just keep running around the arena. Once it’s dead, you can push onward.

The final part of the mission is a battle out on a hill with Zavala. You’ll need to defeat waves of enemies culminating in a fight against a massive Brig and two Subjugators. Again, do your best to not get overrun and take out any Servitors that try to protect the high value enemies.

Mission 5: Ascent

The fifth mission in Destiny 2: The Final Shape is Ascent.

  • Power cap: Activity Power Disabled
  • Normal Modifiers: None
  • Legendary Modifiers: Chaff, Galvanized, Multiplicity, Epitaph, Shocker

Fight your way up the mountain. You’ll have doing the Glyphtouched mechanic as well as a new one with a Taken ball. Pick up the Taken ball and throw it at Taken barriers to clear the way. You’ll repeat this process several times as you climb the mountain, with the mission finishing with a fight against a Vex boss in an extremely small room.

In order to defeat the Vex boss, clear out the enemies and throw the Taken ball at the Taken barriers on the left and right. Inside are some Bound enemies, defeating all of them will reveal a symbol that you must touch in the central room. Do the same on the other side.

The fight isn’t over yet, as two Subjugators will join the fray. Use the Prismatic Wellsprings to charge up your Transcendence and knock down the Vex boss as soon as you can.

This mission sort of continues with some sub missions, called The Message Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. These have you completing the Lost Sectors in The Pale Heart.

Strike: Liminality

This next step is not technically a mission, it's a strike called Liminality. This mission tasks you with finding a way through the region in pursuit of a way to fight back against the Witness.

Mechanically, this strike utilizes the same puzzle throughout. You will need to acquire Taken Essence and deposit it back at Ahamkara skulls. You can use the shoot function to clear enemies, but otherwise your main goal is to hold the interact key to dunk it.

The main struggles with this mission will be surviving against the enemies and carrying the Taken Essence back to central rooms. These Taken Essences are typically at the end of corridors and when you pick it up, the rooms will begin to fill with lava. Run, slide, and jump over the obstacles to reach the exit in time.

During the boss fight, you will need to do the exact same mechanic a few times, while clearing waves of enemies. Once Kataxiia, Tormentor of the Ahamkara is defeated, you can more on to the next actual mission.

Mission 6: Dissent

The sixth mission in The Final Shape campaign is Dissent. This mission has you tracking down Zavala to try and save him before he does something reckless.

  • Power cap: Activity Power Disabled
  • Normal Modifiers: None
  • Legendary Modifiers: Chaff, Galvanized, Fire Pit, Empath

The main focus of this mission will be searching for the veiled statues to learn where Zavala went and what he intends to do. This process will have you fighting through a lot of enemy-dense rooms, so be prepared for several tough fights. There isn’t much to it other than fight and stay alive.

The first main hurdle will be when you enter the Lower Temple with three Hive Wizards. To clear this section, you must go into each side room, defeat enemies, and destroy the Wizard. When all three are defeated, return to the center to find a Devoted Commander Tormentor. This thing is extremely tough and knocking its health down a chunk will cause Dread to spawn.

With the Tormentor defeated, continue through the mission. You’ll be jumping around and navigating through some disjointed environments until you enter an area called The Maelstrom. Here you will need to defeat a boss called Pillar of Devotion.

To remove the immunity shield, locate the two Subjugators, one will be on either side of the arena. Defeating both Subjugators will summon a Relic back in the main arena, use its Super blast to remove the boss’ shield (as you did in previous missions). When you knock the boss down to half health, it will regain its shield and you’ll need to defeat another two Subjugators in the same rooms, but these ones are Bound, so you’ll need Transcendence.

Return to the center arena, grab the Relic, and blast away the boss’ shield. Nuke the rest of its health and get ready to escape. Now you’ll need to leave the area, just keep moving and destroy anything that gets in your way. Once you get outside, climb the terrain and enjoy your cutscene.

Mission 7: Iconoclasm

The seventh mission in The Final Shape campaign is Iconoclasm. With a plan in place, you now need to assault the Witness’ spire and attempt to put an end to its final shape.

  • Power cap: Activity Power Disabled
  • Normal Modifiers: None
  • Legendary Modifiers: Chaff, Galvanized, Multiplicity, Epitaph

This mission features mechanics that you have learned throughout the entire campaign. However, it all kicks off with a fight against a boss Tormentor on a hill – work your way through the mission until you reach this point.

Imprint of Nezarec will be the first miniboss you face and it’s the same sort of power level as the one you fought earlier. Kite it around the arena and do your best not to get hit or grabbed.

After the fight, push through the area until you reach a resonant barrier door. At this point you’ll have a new mechanic introduced where you will take constant damage unless you have a buff called Shielded from Darkness. Acquire this buff by locating one of the seeds, stand in its radius, and shoot it. You’ll have 45 seconds to get back to the barrier and pass through.

The Sacrarium is the next major fight that will have you using the aforementioned mechanic. Defeat the enemies and the Subjugator and when you’re ready, shoot the resonant node to summon two seeds, one on either side of the room. Get the buff from the seed and pass through the barrier into the basement.

The basement is filled with poison, so you’ll need to act quickly. Defeat the enemies and two huge Hive Knights will spawn. Each one you defeat will drop a symbol you must remember (like the earlier mission mechanic). If you’re running low on the shield buff, find a node in the corner of the room to refresh it. When both Knights are dead, jump through the portal and stand in the symbols that match the ones you saw – they’ll be up high on the ledges.

Once the symbols have been nullified, another wave of foes will spawn along with a boss, Eshkin’Tuk, Witness’s Blessed. Defeat it to remove the Taken blight from the wall. Press onwards!

Next is another boss fight against Dolgith, Blade of Reasoning. As before, you’ll need to nullify symbols. Clear the enemies, shoot the resonant node, get your shield buff from the seeds, and jump through the portal. You’ll be transported to the basement which is a series of tight corridors and pillars. As before, defeat massive Hive Knights and remember the symbol they drop.

When both Resonant Warder Knights are slain, go to the middle hallway and jump through the portal. Back in the main boss room, nullify the matching symbols, collect the Relic that appears, and use its Super to knock away the boss’ immunity shield. Deal enough damage to get it to half health and repeat the whole process again.

Continue through the mission, defeating enemies and climbing up the environment. You’ll need to scale the large wall and move through the Pyramid architecture to the final fight.

As the checkpoint tip suggests, you must now defeat the Witness. This fight utilizes the Relic and the seeds to protect you from Darkness. Whenever you see the Witness preparing an attack, stand behind cover to avoid getting sliced to pieces. The main goal will be to defeat the Subjugators that appear, as they stand between you and the boss.

Clear enemies while also dealing damage to Lenurae, Subjugator of Fluxion. When it reaches half health, a seed will appear. Grab the buff, go through the barrier along the wall, and claim the Relic. Use the Relic’s Super to knock away the shield and then defeat the Subjugator. While this is happening, the Witness will perform an arena-wide attack. To avoid getting hit, use the Aegis’ shield (the aim-down-sights button), you can also stand in the fissure of Light to have your abilities constantly recharged.

When the Subjugator dies, grab the sword from the entrance of the arena and run to the Darkness pillar in the center. Attack the node and then hold the interact button to embrace the Darkness. Once inside, listen to the speech and then obliterate the veiled statue with the sword. You’ll be booted back out into the arena where you’ll need to do the process again.

The second part of this fight will now require you to constantly have the Shielded from Darkness buff as the entire arena is poisoned. There will be several seeds scattered around the map, so keep it topped up. As before, defeat Molak’Al, Subjugator of the Traveler. You will need to get another Relic to knock its immunity shield away. Once the Subjugator is defeated, grab the sword, smash the resonant node, and embrace the Darkness. Smash the next veiled statue and you’ll be punted back out to the arena.

This time, instead of getting another Relic, grab the sword and head immediately back inside. Smash the last veiled statue and you’ll be transported to a new area, this time with almost no health. Pick up the Relic and constantly hold the shield button. You must move forward along the path, blocking all damage. As long as you keep moving, you’ll make it. Just as the shield is about to run out, another fissure of Light will appear, recharging it completely. Make it to the end, drop down, run up the stairs, and enjoy the final cutscene.

What else is there to say? You've now completed The Final Shape campaign, seen the ending of the Light and Darkness saga, and can now hopefully soak up what just took place. What a tremendous journey we've gone on. But the story doesn't end there, nor does the grind for better loot! Continue your journey over on our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide where you'll find information on how to unlock more Exotic weapons, what comes next in the Episodes, and other endgame content.

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