Fallen Sunstar Warlock Exotic - Destiny 2

Fallen Sunstar is a new Exotic helmet for the Warlocks that focuses on the Arc subclass and ability regeneration.


Fallen Sunstar is a new Exotic helmet for Warlocks in Destiny 2. This Exotic was introduced during Season of Plunder and focuses on improving the new Arc 3.0 mechanic, Ionic Traces. Wearing this Exotic will improve the speed of Ionic Tracers while also buffing the energy regeneration of any nearby allies.

How to get Fallen Sunstar

Fallen Sunstar can drop reliably from the Legend and Master Lost Sectors. Players that are of a high enough Power level should tackle the Master Lost Sector for a high chance of acquiring the helmet. However, players may get lucky on the Legend and receive it on the first clear.

Fallen Sunstar Exotic perk – Ionic Conductor

image shows the Warlock Exotic helmet Fallen Sunstar

Ionic Conductor is the Exotic perk on Fallen Sunstar. This perks main goal is to make it easier for you to get Ionic Traces, boosts their power, and gives allies ability energy.

  • Ionic Traces you create move faster and grant you additional ability energy. Nearby allies also gain ability energy when you collect an Ionic Trace.

This Exotic helmet is specifically for Arc builds. Whenever you spawn an Ionic Trace (such as when using Spark of Discharge Fragment), it will move faster and give you more ability energy. On top of this, collecting a trace will give nearby allies ability energy.

When to use Fallen Sunstar

Image shows the Arc Fragment Spark of Discharge

Fallen Sunstar is going to be useful for players that are looking to lean into Arc builds and play with a fireteam. The extra ability energy given to your allies is a nice passive benefit, though whether it outweighs the benefits of other Exotics remains to be seen.

For Warlocks, it’s likely better to go for Geomag Stabilizers for the Chaos Reach extension or Crown of Tempests for the ability regeneration and Stormtrance duration increase. These two Supers suffer from damage output and duration at their base level, and Fallen Sunstar does nothing for either.

Fallen Sunstar lore

Judge us by the enemies we've made.

"You know, when House Light first moved into the City, I thought it would be a disaster," the Warlock mused.

"Yeah, I thought Ikora was out of her damn mind," the Titan admitted.

The Warlock frowned. "Brilliance and madness are often confused," he retorted. "As are courage and stupidity."

"All right, all right," the Titan conceded, holding up their hands in mock surrender. "No need to get salty."

The pair strolled through the Botza District, admiring the scrapworked wares offered by the Eliksni merchants. Though they lacked the polish of the City's foundries, the Eliksni creations were often innovative, and unexpectedly effective.

"It's funny," the Titan reflected. "I've been killed by the Fallen a bunch of times. Like, a lot."

The Warlock pursed his lips, stifling a retort.

"But I never really gave them credit for it," the Titan continued. "You know what I mean? Anyone who's been in the Crucible knows how tough it is to kill a Guardian. But these guys have gotten over on me, like, a hundred times since I first rezzed. It's pretty impressive."

"I know what you mean," the Warlock said. He picked up an elaborate helmet adorned with a sunburst crown of spikes. "They're kind of cool in their own way."

The Warlock issued a surge of Light through his hand, sending bolts of Arc energy sizzling between the helmet's spikes.

The Titan raised their eyebrows in appreciation. "Not my style, but I think you could pull it off," they said.

"Hell yeah I can," the Warlock affirmed. "This bad boy's coming with me!"

The Fallen Sunstar Warlock Exotic is specifically for players that want to use Arc and then focus on ability regeneration. Make sure you’ve got allies close to you when collecting the Ionic Traces so they can benefit from the increased ability energy also. For information on more Exotic armor, stop by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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