Memory Alembic quest - Destiny 2

How to complete the Memory Alembic quest, where to get Qualichor, and the location of the Executioners and Inquisitors in Destiny 2.


The Memory Alembic quest in Destiny 2 was added to the game with the Witch Queen expansion. This quest tasks players with finding Qualichor, defeating Executioners, and fighting off waves of Inquisitors. Finding both of these enemies can be difficult, especially given their random nature.

Find a Qualichor & Alembic Quest

Fynch's menu in the Throne World, highlighting the Deepsight Tier 2 upgrade
Upgrade Fynch until you can unlock the Deepsight Tier 2.

To start the Memory Alembic quest, you must first find a Qualichor. To do this, level up Fynch in the Throne World to unlock the Deepsight 2 ability. This will cause new Deepsight nodes to appear.

Some of these new Deepsight nodes reveal a Scorn corpse that can be interacted with. Doing so reveals a green, glowing trail. Following this trail will lead to a boss and a chest containing the Qualichor reward.

The Deepsight nodes and dead Scorn can be found in one of three locations. You can get progress from this one time each day:

Quagmire Deepsight & dead Scorn

Image shows the Deepsight node in Quagmire
Head into the center of the Quagmire toward the large cave, the Deepsight node is toward the edge.

The Deepsight node is in the main cave to the north of the area, overlooking the chasm. Interacting with it reveals the Scorn body slightly to the right. This path leads into the Alluring Curtain.

Fluorescent Canal Deepsight & dead Scorn

Image shows the Deepsight node in the Florescent Canal
The Deepsight node is inside the central building in the Florescent Canal.

The Florescent Canal Deepsight node is in the center of the area, inside the open-walled structure. The dead Scorn appears in the corner of the room. The path leads into the Queen’s Bailey where the Lightblade Strike takes place.

Miasma Deepsight & dead Scorn

Image shows the Deepsight node in Miasma
The Deepsight node in Miasma is to the right of the entrance, if you're coming from Quagmire.

The Deepsight node in Miasma is in the south side of the area, just to the right as you enter from Quagmire. The Scorn will appear right beside it. This path leads into the Witch's Echo.

To begin, search the three locations until you find the Deepsight node. Interact with it to reveal a dead Scorn body on the ground. Interact with the Scorn and follow the green trail until you reach debris. Interact with the debris to reveal more of the trail.

Memory Alembic quest item in Fynch's inventory
Fynch will have the Memory Alembic quest after finding your first Qualichor.

Continue to follow the glowing trail into one of the three mini areas (Alluring Curtain, Queen’s Bailey, or Witch’s Echo). The trail will end and a Hive boss called Secret of Severed Flesh will spawn. Defeat it and open the chest to receive a Qualichor. Return to Fynch and pick up the Memory Alembic quest. The quest starts at 12 percent complete.

Image shows a Secret of Severed Flesh enemy, one of the Executioner Hive
Following the green trail to the end will spawn a Secret of Severed Flesh. You must investigate the debris along the way to continue the path.

You can get the Qualichor by either killing the Executioner at the end of the dead Scorn path or by defeating an Inquisitor group. The Inquisitors are public events that have you fighting waves of Hive in increasing difficulty, culminating in a fight against three Lightbearer Hive.

When you have the Alembic Quest, you will need to find more Qualichors. This can be done either by defeating the Executioners in the three locations mentioned above or by defeating Inquisitors. Progress is rewarded once per day for killing both the Executioner and killing the Inquisitors. Do both every day until the quest is complete.

Inquisitor locations

Lucent Hive Inquisitors spawning in the Throne World in Destiny 2
Look for the message: Lucent Hive Inquisitors in your sector.

The other element of the Memory Alembic quest and Qualichor collection is fighting Inquisitors. This is a randomly occurring event that has a strict time limit. The Inquisitor spawn location is random each day – linger in each major location for a while until you see (or don’t see) the message: Lucent Hive Inquisitors in your sector.

Here is the spawn location for the Lucent Hive Inquisitors:

  • Quagmire: To the east, in the doorway that leads toward the Florescent Canal.
  • Miasma: The western side, near the start of the Vow of the Disciple raid.
  • Florescent Canal: In the fountain in the middle of the area.
Three Lucent Hive Lightbearers on a hill in the Throne World
Once all the waves of Inquisitors and the commanders are defeated, three Lightbearers will spawn.

As for what you will be doing when the Lucent Hive Inquisitors spawn, it’s rather straightforward: finding and killing enemies as quickly as possible. When the text appears on-screen, look for glowing Acolytes in the locations listed above. You must then defeat waves of enemies:

  1. Defeat glowing Acolytes, defeat Ogre commander
  2. Defeat glowing Acolytes, defeat Wizard commander
  3. Defeat glowing Acolytes, defeat Knight commander
  4. Defeat three Lucent Hive Lightbearers

Defeating a wave of glowing Acolytes will spawn a commander. Defeating a commander will spawn another wave of Acolytes a short distance away. This repeats until three Lucent Hive Lightbearers appear – they will be marked on your HUD. Once you defeat the three Lightbearers, a chest will spawn, containing more Qualichor.

Executioner’s Hoard location

An Executioner's Hoard chest, locked and requiring Refined Qualichor
The Executioner's Hoard chest is found by using the Deepsight node near where you defeat the three Lightbearer Hive.

With the Refined Qualichor in hand, you can now open the Executioner’s Hoard. This chest is found after you defeat an Inquisitor group and claim the reward chest. Look for the Deepsight node behind the reward chest, interact with it, and follow the trail to the spiky Hive chest. This will earn you the Executioner’s Hoard Triumph and a piece of Legendary gear.

You’ll need to repeat this entire process three times, one for each of the main areas, if you want to unlock the Ascended Bounty Hunter Triumph for the Gumshoe Title.

The Memory Alembic quest is a long and tough one to complete in Destiny 2. Though it’s not necessarily challenging, the random nature of the Executioners and Inquisitors make it tedious. However, once the quest is done and the Executioner’s Hoard claimed, you’ll be one step closer to unlock the Title. Stop by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help.

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