Destiny 2 - Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter Boots

The Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter boots are considered a must-have Exotic for any Hunter who plans to run the Nightstalker subclass.


Read enough Destiny 2 guides on Shacknews and you’ll hear me talk about the three best Hunter Exotics in terms of armor. They are so good, in fact, that it’s often difficult to justify wearing another Exotic armor piece as a Hunter. Today, I'll be talking about the Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter Boots, which is arguably the best Hunter Exotic in the game, although I’m partial to the Celestial Nighthawk.

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Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter Boots

Orpheus Rig Destiny 2

The Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter boots are far from situational. What I mean is, you can wear them to almost any activity in a PvE environment and know that you’re making a good choice for your Exotic Hunter armor. Of course, you must also run the Nightstalker subclass as a Hunter, otherwise these boots are as useless as Modulus Reports. Lately, they've been growing on me in PvP as well, but we'll talk about that momentarily and go over some stipulations.

Uncanny Arrows

Orpheus Rig Uncanny Arrows Destiny 2
  • Uncanny Arrows - Provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Shadowshot anchors.

These boots have an intrinsic perk called Uncanny Arrows. This provides ability energy for each enemy tethered by Shadowshot, a Nightstalker super ability. This means that there is less value in using your tether on a single boss than there is hitting an entire mob. If you tether enough enemies, you can sometimes get your super ability fully refunded in seconds. This is useful in the Contact public event  and the Prophecy Dungeon during Season of Arrivals, among many other situations throughout the game.

When to use Orpheus Rig

Orpheus Rigs Crucible Destiny 2

Orpheus Rigs are at their best in PvE activities. For this, you'll want to go with the Way of the Trapper tree from the Nightstalker subclass. This is because of the Deadfall perk, which makes Shadowshot tether enemies further from the anchor and last longer. This means more enemies tethered for a longer period of time, which plays right into the Uncanny Arrows intrinsic perk of the Orpheus Rigs. If you deploy this in an ideal situation, expect at least half of your super energy returned to you within seconds of firing Shadowshot.

You can also enjoy the Orpheus Rigs in the Crucible as you try to grind out those Glory ranks, although there are better Hunter super abilities for this. Just note, it's important to switch from the Way of the Trapper tree in the Nightstalker subclass to the Way of the Pathfinder. This is because of the Mobius Quiver perk, which allows you to fire Shadowshot multiple times (Way of the Trapper is only one Shadowshot per super use). Not only can you drop multiple tethers on enemies, but if you can direct impact them, they are as good as dead. Now, if you suck at using Shadowshot in PvP and have a hard time hitting or tethering enemies, don't use the Orpheus Rigs, as this Exotic depends on you tethering fools. Swap these boots out for Knucklehead Radar or something.

How to get the Orpheus Rigs

Orpheus Rig Sources Destiny 2

Orpheus Rigs are not obtained through a quest, so expect to find them in regular loot pools, or anywhere that Exotic engrams drop. Of course, this is random. If they drop for you, great, but if not you'll want to keep your eyes on Xur each week to see if he's selling them. If he's not, you can always pick up his Exotic engram which will give you an Exotic you don't already own. Just remember, if you visit Xur as a Titan, he's going to load that Exotic engram with a Titan armor piece. Make sure to visit him with the class you need armor for.

Orpheus Rigs lore

Orpheus Rig Lore Destiny 2

One of the more underappreciated parts of Destiny 2 Exotics is the lore that comes with each one. The following can be found on the lore tab of the Orpheus Rigs:

Never ever look back

"Quantis Rhee has almost forgotten what colors are. For months, she has prowled the deep, shadowed catacombs of Nessus—the places where the inexorable Vex burrowed into the rogue planet and replaced natural life with a cold, inhuman labyrinth."

"Light is scarce in this place. But Quantis knows how to find it—how to feel for the un-ripples of the Void, to draw Light from the infinities between spaces. She knows how to roll black holes between her fingertips, and how to nock her bow with the inescapable gravities of the universe."

"Soon Quantis will leave this place, return to the City, report her findings. See colors again. But that won't last long. She is a Nightstalker. Out here—balanced upon the infinitesimal knife's edge—is where she truly belongs."

Now that I’ve given you some ideas to consider regarding the Orpheus Rig Exotic Hunter Boots and the Nightstalker subclass, be sure to visit the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for much more.

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