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Learn how to turn the Contact Public Event Heroic, the latest activity added to Destiny 2 with Season of Arrivals.


The Contact Public Event is a brand new patrol zone activity introduced to Destiny 2 in Season of Arrivals. Turning the Contact Public Event Heroic is going to take a lot of effort, especially early on in the season. There aren’t a lot of mechanics involved here, but there is just enough chaos that working out what to do can be tough.

How to trigger a Contact Heroic Public Event

Players’ first interaction with the Contact Public Event will likely be part of the Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals campaign. Drifter has players head out to Io (or Titan), to complete a Contact event. Once this is done, and once the season campaign is finished, this Contact event will also have a weekly reward.

destiny 2 contact public event
The Contact Public Event has players bank motes in the Gambit bank below the Monolith.

As for how you actually complete the Contact activity and turn it into a Heroic Public Event, well it’s relatively simple, though you will likely need a strong fireteam early on in the season.

The goal of the Contact Public Event is to charge the Gambit bank by depositing motes. These motes are dropped by enemies. Charge the bank four times and the boss will spawn. However, to turn it Heroic, you must deposit four Bloom charges that appear once per wave. There will be a beam of light going from the Monolith to the charge.

Destiny 2 Contact Taken Pyromaster
Once all four waves are completed, the Contact Public Event will turn Heroic. At this point, a boss will spawn.

Once the event is Heroic, you will need to defeat a boss, which may rotate each week or change depending on the patrol zone. The first time you complete the Contact event, you will receive an Umbral Engram. On Io, the Taken boss will enter an invulnerability state that can only be broken by destroying a nearby Taken Blight, which will be marked with a waypoint.

Let's go a little bit more into the basics of how this event works. When the Contact event begins, waves of enemies will start being dropped in. Clear these as fast as you can, being sure to collect the motes they drop and deposit them into the bank, as you would in a Gambit match. Once the bank reaches 100%, one of the four nodes will fill.

Throughout this time, Bloom charges will appear on the map, defended by a Champion. Defeat the Champion and take these charges back to the bank and deposit it. You must deposit all four of these in order to turn the Contact public event Heroic. One will spawn per node.

Early on in the season, the Contact Public Event is going to be extremely difficult to turn Heroic unless you have a well-equipped fireteam or several players in the patrol zone. Hopefully, as the season progresses, it will become easier for leveled-players to complete in smaller groups. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more tips for Season of Arrivals.

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