How to kill Champions in Destiny 2

Learn how to kill the new Champion enemy type in Destiny 2, the Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions found in challenging activities.


Champions are a powerful new type of enemy in Destiny 2. These Champions come in three flavors: Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable. If players want to have any chance of taking them down, they’ll need to come prepared for a fight.

All Champion types

Below is a table showing each enemy race and faction in Destiny 2 and what type of Champions it will use in end-game content. This will be important when tackling Grandmaster Nightfalls or diving into Legend and Master Lost Sectors.

All Champion types for each races
Fallen Hive Vex Cabal Taken Scorn
Barrier Servitor Knight Hobgoblin Colossus
Overload Captain Minotaur Hobgoblin Chieftain
Unstoppable Ogre Incendior Phalanx Abomination

How to kill Champion enemy types

Destiny 2 kill Champions gun mods
Certain mods and weapons are able to help you with killing the new Champion enemy type.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep introduced this new type of enemy to the world, Champions. There are three of these that players can encounter in end-game activities such as the Garden of Salvation raid and the new Nightfall: The Ordeal modes.

The only way to easily defeat these Champions is by using some of the new mods in the seasonal artifact or weapons specifically designed to take out Champions (Eriana's Vow, The Lament, etc). There are three effects available across several mods, and each of these effects allows players to interrupt or otherwise weaken a Champion. The three types of effects are:

  • Anti-Barrier Rounds
  • Overload Rounds
  • Unstoppable Rounds

Barrier Champions

Destiny 2 Barrier Champion
The Barrier Champion is one of the new Champion enemy types introduced with Shadowkeep.

The first of these new enemies is the Barrier Champion. A Barrier Champion has the ability to protect itself with an impenetrable shield. While inside this shield, the enemy will heal itself, sometimes all the way to max health.

To kill a Barrier Champion, players must use a weapon that has an Anti-Barrier Rounds mod or a weapon with a perk that functions in a similar manner. Depending on when you're playing, the mods available will apply to different weapons. When you equip the correct weapon, a tip on the screen will read "Anti-Barrier Rounds".

When the Barrier Champion is damaged and shields itself to heal, use your Anti-Barrier Rounds against its shield to prevent it from healing. Deal enough damage and the shield will break.

Overload Champions

Overload Champions are extremely powerful and all but invulnerable to regular weapons. The only way to deal with Overload Champions is by using the Overload Rounds mod or some other ability or weapon designed to deal with it. Check your seasonal artifact for mods that deal with Overload Champions.

As for defeating an Overload Champion, you must first overload them. To do this, use your weapon or ability that features the Overload effect and wait for the Champion to be disrupted. Once overloaded, they become stunned and are vulnerable to normal weapon fire. For the Overload effect to kick in on a weapon, it requires constant firing. 

Unstoppable Champions

Unstoppable Champions are the last of the three new enemy types. These enemies, as the name suggests, are entirely unstoppable. That is, unless you use the Unstoppable mod. Slap this mod on the applicable piece of gear and you will turn the chosen weapon or ability into a tool to deal with them.

When an Unstoppable mod is used in conjunction with Hand Cannons, you must hold the aim-down sights (ADS) function until your gun glows and the on-screen text says you’ve loaded an unstoppable round. You can only fire one unstoppable round at a time, so make sure you hold the ADS each time. Simply spamming the trigger won’t do anything.

The new Champion enemy types in Destiny 2 (Barrier Champions, Overload Champions, and Unstoppable Champions) are some of the most challenging combatants players will face. Unless players utilize the correct mods from the Seasonal Artifact, these Champions will go unopposed. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more helpful tips for dealing with the game’s toughest opponents.

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